All the Best Things Are Free

There was a place we used to go
There was a star we called our own
And it was bright, so bright
There was hope inside our eyes
It put charm into our lives
And we were free, so free

I always felt that the more we had
Was a burden on you and me
Happiness comes to those that can believe
That all the best things are free

There was laughter in our words
Serious thoughts they lay unsaid
Of what we could be
All we see has no surprise
All of history in our eyes
What have we learned?

I always felt that we were kept apart
By the chase for guarantees
I always had the urge to let you be
All the best things are free

Can't you see that once again
Fate has played its hand
Shoot the breeze with love as our command
Time and tide they say waits for no one
Hope is when the best is still to come

All the best things are free
Don't chase for guarantees
Can't you see
That all the best things are free