Climb the Hill

I opened a door in me, like a cat with curiosity
Unwrapped the perfect present and saw a new history
Panic politics don't get me down
Bible thump posturing won't turn me round
It seems the rules were made for some other time

Too much money in the pipeline: too much fighting overseas
Too much hatred in the heartland: too much talking over me

Look around and listen: I don't exist without you in my life
I'm having a good time by the way,
sitting here wondering how can I say
Those pretty pictures don't paint the truth
Very clever edits conceal the lie
If you want to hear the rules being made you have to
have your ear pressed to the ground

Too many lost without a requiem; too many lost without a cause
Too many win without a winner; too many want to go to war

I'll climb the hill and look you down
To me you're inside out and upside down
I'll climb the hill.