Fatal Shore

So we reached the fatal shore
Some had gained, while some had suffered,
Though our quest was for always more we only took from those we conouered

Back to ground
These genes of mine, the wheels or time
Will always go round and round
Back to ground,
The soul we sell, this living tells
The story well round and round.

So we made a battle field
We mixed our blood as perfect strangers.
This was life and death so very real
The winners needs were the losers dangers.

Back to ground...

Round and round
Round and round
As we skittle across the gene pool
And the chromosomes come
Raining down
Raining down
When the water starts to rise
Then we'll realize.

So we reached the city walls
Where the "last poor soul" spluttered
He said, though hls children never knew
They served a purpose like the others.

Back to ground...