Ocean Blue

I like to hear the waves crash against the shore
This is the only place that I feel better
I watch them roll for hours they take me far away
They help me feel secure, it's where I want to stay.

Ocean blue, I'm watching over you
Ocean blue, for all the wrong I do.

Life goes by so fast it's never really ours
A year, a week, a day, minutes into hours
Mother of creation temple of the womb
Take me in your waters darling, I'm coming home.

Ocean blue, senses and soul renew
Ocean blue, I know I'm made of you.

I know your force has power over the land
I feel it wash away right where I stand
Rolling in all virtue, power and in command
I feel so small now darling, I feel so calm

Ocean blue, I' watching over you
Ocean blue, forgive me all the wrong