Silent House

Oh the stirring memories of this place
The warm seclusion, the peace of its embrace
Like a temple, so serene and full of grace
I feel the comfort of this place.

Calm on the surface, but still water runs so deep
Undercurrents, like the secrets that we keep
We all suffer, but are we born to repeat?
Sweet surrender in release.

I chase the ghosts from this silent house
I hear their cries for help...

Oh temptation well i was born a libertine
If there's one lesson it's only me that sets me free
Hiding eyes so aware of what they've seen
I'll face the music and the scene.

I chase the ghost from this silent house...

Hallowed ground steeped in the ages
Safe, profound, now come cradle the orb
Sight and sound, the magic surrounds me
I'm letting go!

I chase the ghost from my silent house...