This was a night like no other night
There were campfires on the hill
Our hearts were full of wonder
Everything felt so right; We signalled eye to eye
The air was warm and sweet like your touch
So sweet and tender

This was a moment to be frozen in time
All the passin and the freewill
A chance to redeem our lives
Touched by the union
I thought isn't man kind
There is sweetness in the fruit
And the fruit makes the wine

Your touch,oh
So sweet and tender
Maybe tonight we'll meet the wizard of wonder
Don't it feel right; The miracle and the wonder

This is the best of us; We offer it to you
It's a celebration of all our lives
I hope it gets us through
Some try hard to believe
Others have easy faith
The optimist and the skeptic
Both have a role to play

Like your touch
So sweet and tender...