Investigate what your ancestors left you
A wreath. A god and belief in slavery
You fight away this monochrome pact
It's legal action, it's matter of fact (that)
The Romans hailed a sun god
The Christians tortured Jews
Together is that belief for you

Walkabout the rock
It may give you a few answers
But don't lie about the rock
It gives me all the answers
Don't lie about the rock

What better way to conquer a nation
Than steal away its spiritual release
After all the door is left wide open
Hey men of god say what do you preach

Walkabout the rock. . .

(So) Maybe it's dreamtime
Close your eyes and drift away
Maybe it's dreamtime
Close your eyes don't fight it

So you believe what you believe (what you believe)
Without question without waste
You innoculate the children
Against reason against fate
You pray for mystical decisions
Through the gates
We are inside this is our final state

Walkabout the rock . . .

To every man a kingdom for the better of man's estate