OnlineHost: The FIXX is one of the most innovative and unique bands in the musical arena. Its lyrics and melodies are anything but ordinary. Its themes are complex and thought-provoking, and yet its musical past has appealed to the masses. Please welcome The FIXX to AOL Live!

AOLiveMC5: Welcome to the members of the FIXX!

The Fixx: Greetings to all Fixx fans around the world. We are delighted to talk to you in this new medium. It's a first for us.

AOLiveMC14: Hi!

AOLiveMC5: Here is our first audience question:

Question: What was your first song?

The Fixx: Cy: As the Fixx, one of them was "I Found You".

AOLiveMC5: Before we go on, let's tell folks what band members are with us.

The Fixx: This is Cy Curnin, and Jamie West-Oram is sitting next to me.

AOLiveMC5: Great! Here is the next question.

Question: How long did it take you to make your current album?

The Fixx: Cy: From soup to nuts about 2 years. Not that we spent a lot of time recording, but we spent a lot of time writing, so we would have more songs to choose from.

Question: What do you like best about the new album, Elemental?

The Fixx: Jamie: The thing we liked best was the creative element we had.

The Fixx: Cy: I like to see my heart, where it should be on my sleeve. This CD has a cohesiveness about it, that works well.

Question: What was your inspiration to become music artists?

The Fixx: Cy: Lack of any other talent. Joking. Any way of making a living, where you can express yourself was attractive.

Question: Do the band members have formal music training or are you all just naturally talented?

The Fixx: Cy: Jamie went to music college for 2 years at Leeds.

The Fixx: Jamie: I dropped out, while trying to take college courses, new wave was happening so I wanted to try to catch on to something useful.

The Fixx: Adam the drummer learned to play drums in a strip club. That=92= s a tough beat.

The Fixx: Cy: I have done everything from the seat of my pants. It's just urges, and a my love of music.

Question: Who composes most of the songs?

The Fixx: Cy: It's very much a collective effort. One person may have a leading idea, and we mull it over until it works. I am responsible for most of the lyrics. I usually write with a view and empathy I know that fits with most of the other guys in this band.

Question: How would you categorise your music?

The Fixx: Cy; Enjoyable, and hopefully not run of the mill. It's music, thought provoking, and a jolly good rock.

Question: During all these years that you haven't been playing together what have the different members been doing?

The Fixx: Cy: I was exploring making hats and writing songs for myself.

The Fixx: Jamie: We all found it useful time to spend with our families, and spending time in the real world. We have all been involved in various musical projects, some of mine through Brian Eno. Laurie Anderson, Depeche Mode, Roy Orbison, were a few I worked with. Here we are back again. We have all brought that work with us.

The Fixx: Cy: Jamie said something about a "real life", that is relevant with an audience. It correlates with the listener, and breaks down a bias. That has a lot to do with how we write together.

Question: Not really a question related to your album, but did you watch the Oscars?

The Fixx: Cy: Yes I did. I was happy to see that Jack won, I think his performance was one of the best of =9197. As for =93Titanic=94, my childr= en are interested in it, and already want a copy of it.

The Fixx: "Good Will Hunting" was an excellent movie with some very talented youngsters. Everything is relevant.

AOLiveMC5: I was glad to see James Horner win in the musical category. I thought he should have won last year for the =93Braveheart=94 soundtrack.

Question: Are you going on tour to promote the new album? Do the band members like touring?

The Fixx: Cy; Yes to both questions. We will be out most of the summer. Touring has become more fun than ever, it is less complicated than before, so it is more enjoyable.

Question: Where do you guys live?

The Fixx: Jamie: Cy lives in New York, the rest of us in England. We have not been able to uproot our families yet, until we find a good school here in the States.

Question: Would love to hear Jamie sing lead on a song or two. Is anything like this in the works for Elemental? Or another album?

The Fixx: Jamie: Funny you should mention that, there is a possibility.

The Fixx: Cy: We have an anthology album, with some songs from the Elemental sessions that will appear on that CD, and Jamie will sing lead on a song. That will be down the road.

AOLiveMC5: At the risk of starting a riot, here is the next question.

Question: If you were stranded on a desert island, which band member would you eat first to survive and why?

The Fixx: Cy: Adam, because he's the fattest. Only joking Adam, but I know you can take a joke. There is more fat from a greasy french fry on Adam than on Jamie. I would be afraid of [getting] salmonella with Rupert.


Question: What precipitated your decision to get the band back together?

The Fixx: That last question didn't come from London, did it?

AOLiveMC5: I don't know :)

The Fixx: Cy: Boredom, loneliness, a calling. The voice wouldn't shut up, "get the band back together and do the things you use to do".

Question: Hello, I just wanted to know if this is what you have always dreamed of doing.

The Fixx: Cy: It's all I've ever wanted to do ever since I was awake. I have no control over my dreams, so in my waking hours it's all I have ever wanted to do.

The Fixx: Jamie: I had a dream I was awake.

Question: How old were you all when you began to play?

The Fixx: Cy: Teenagers really.

The Fixx: Jamie: My first band playing instruments was at [the age of] about 8 or 9.

The Fixx: Cy: We are all a bunch of fiddlers. In England you are exposed to many things early, like violins and the like. So if you have a tendency, you start to play.

The Fixx: Jamie: In England, tennis rackets are great for an air guitar.

Question: Hi Fellas! Can't wait to hear the new album. Is the single of "Two Different Views" the same as on the EP?

The Fixx: Cy: No, it's a different version.

The Fixx: Cy: So you will have to spend some more money to get the single. My dad will pay a rebate for the charge.

Question: How did you guys come up with your name?

The Fixx: Cy: That=92s an import question. It's over my head.

Question: Did you leave Freeman off the new CD because of the poll put on by the Internet list?

The Fixx: Cy: The poll matched a feeling in the band. When we tried to play it live, it didn't gel like the other songs. It's not that we didn't like it, but it has a different groove and texture to it. It will have a more comfortable place on the Anthology album that will be out in a couple of months. It goes to show you though, that the poll was very accurate.

Question: I love your song "Secret Separation". How did you all come up with it?

The Fixx: Cy: That=92s a two part answer. Jamie had a haunting piece of music. The lyrics were provided by a woman we know, and she gave me a lyric that matched the music Jamie had. It fit together well. I didn't have to worry about the words, they were taken care of. It's kind of an ascension song.

The Fixx: Jamie: In the end it was a whole band effort. It's a strong melody line.

The Fixx: Cy: I bought it from a paw shop (p-a-w).

The Fixx: The lyric kind of caught everyone=92s imagination, and we added it together. It was empathic.

Question: How is the form in which you write songs? Lead first, over which scales, and chord progressions?

The Fixx: Cy; Any number of ways. We try not to have any rules. Sometimes it comes from the lyrics, that add life to the melody. Sometimes it's key colours that add life. Often it is just from jamming.

The Fixx: Jamie: It's just fun. Sometimes we leave out the obvious chord, while other times it's better to add the obvious chord. Any way we can put it out.

The Fixx: Cy: Yes, sometimes the obvious is scary.

Question: What's the tour schedule going to look like?

The Fixx: Cy: Very busy we hope. Meet lots of people, lots of miles and smiles we hope.

Question: Do you have a website with some audio we can listen to?

The Fixx: Cy: Not yet, but we are working on it. We just trying to work out how to turn the damn thing on. I've got a portable razor, I still haven't figured it out.

The Fixx: Jamie: Yes, that electric toothbrush my wife gave to me.

Question: Can you give me any tips on who to become a singer? I have a book on record dealers! What do I send them?

The Fixx: Cy: If it's something that sings from the heart, sometimes that can sound like madness. There are not any real tips, if it is something you must do, you will find a way to do it. Throw away the book on tips, and find some people who share similar air space. Don't hold anything back, because the good stuff is often the thing you don=92t want to show.

The Fixx: Jamie: Cy has amazing technique, and a distinguishable voice. There are many great singers, I love the sound of their voices. Like Lou Reed and Bob Dylan. It takes a sense of expressionism.

The Fixx: Cy: Tension, how ever you can deliver it is always good.

Question: When did "Two Different Views" go to radio? I called 3 stations today and none of them have it yet.

The Fixx: Cy: It's just going this week. Keep calling them and bugging them. Tell them they are missing out on the most important song of =9198. They will want to leave [keep?] their job[s].

Question: What is your drummers name?

The Fixx: Adam Woods.

Question: What's your favourite song that you've done?

The Fixx: Cy and Jamie: "Happy Landings".

AOLiveMC5: We have time for one more audience question:

Question: How has real life changed your music?

The Fixx: Cy: It's turned it into real music.

The Fixx: Cy: All for one and one for all. We are honoured to be able to still make records. We hope we can still make more.

The Fixx: Jamie: Humble mumble.

AOLiveMC5: It has been a great pleasure to have you both here today. Thank you for taking our questions, and good luck with the tour and album!

AOLiveMC5: Audience, thank you so much for joining us this evening. Good night everyone.