Sights: the look of my visual work
I'm currently a junior in Graphic Design at Iowa State University. ISU's program is quite traditional, with emphasis on typography and identity design. My background before college is not that of an artist, but rather that of a computer geek. Thus, much of my work deviates from the typical student in the program. My portfolio is divided into the following categories:

Web Sites
Many of the websites I have designed and built were done while at USInternet, an Internet Service Provider in the Minneapolis area. I worked there in the summer of 1997 and of 1998, and the criteria for good design there are quite different than those used in my academic work.

"Traditional" Graphic Design Media
Here you'll find a smorgasbord of posters, page layouts, logos and the like. A majority of the work here is class assignments, with a few other pieces thrown in for lack of a better category. All of it was done while at Iowa State.

In fall 1997 I enrolled in a black and white photography class, which I really enjoyed. Showcased here is some of the better work I did for that class, as well as other photos I've taken in my spare time since then.

I took a drawing class in the fall of 1996, my first semester at Iowa State. Though drawing is certainly not my forte (I haven't taken any drawing classes since), I thought I'd include some samples for my website. Please be aware my best piece didn't scan well and isn't there.

ISU's College of Design has a website, as does the graphic design program (which I built). Iowa State University also has a nice homepage. If you're really interested in delving into my background, you can also visit USInternet's website.

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