NFL Week 5

So… we both went 7-7 last week. I swear, one of these years I’m just going to use a quarter for the whole season.

* I can’t believe the Texans lost when I finally picked them. I know it can’t really be causal, but that’s freaky.

* McNabb is killing my fantasy team. Seriously ugly. I’m starting Philip Rivers this week, and if he simply puts up a big fat zero, that’ll be better than McNabb half of the time so far this season. Ugly.

* Err, which Patriot jersey will you be wanting this year, Al? Randy Moss?

* I think this could be the first time that the season ticket holders could actually win a class action against a GM. I’m lookin’ at you, San Diego.

Anyway, this week’s picks:

Sunday 1:00
Cardinals @ St. Louis(+3.5)
I don’t see the Rams getting better anytime soon, and the Cards’ defense is playing really well right now. I’ll give the points.

Falcons @ Tennessee(-8)
Seems like rather a lot of points, but I think the Titans are actually decent. But eight seems like a little too much this time around. The Titans will win, but not by that much.

Panthers @ New Orleans(-3)
Seems a little odd that the Saints are favored. Oh, yeah, Carolina sucks… but so does N. O. I guess that’s the three points for being at home. Meh, I’ll take the points.

Browns @ New England(-16.5)
Here’s one of those college football spreads you mentioned last week. And I’m still going to take the Pats. I think they’re on a mission to punish the entire league over the cheating thing.

Lions @ Washington(-3.5)
Redskins are just better, give the points.

Jags @ Kansas City(+2)
Jax is coming off the bye, and I think they’ll be ready.

Dolphins @ Houston(-5.5)
Just in case, I’m picking Miami here.

Jest @ New Jersey Giants Stadium(-3.5)
The Mean Green are a train wreck. I’ll take the Giants.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh(-6)
I think last week was an anomaly, I’ll give the points.

Sunday 4:10±5
Bucs @ Indianapolis(-9.5)
So, the Colts have been pretty good at covering these kinds of spreads so far this season. Cadillac is out for sure but Addai is “questionable.” I think the Bucs can keep it closer than this.

Ravens @ San Francisco(+3.5)
How come the Ravens are favored on the road? Weird. I’ll take the points; go Niners!

Chargers @ Denver, even
San Diego is in a tailspin. The Broncos aren’t very good, but I think there’s a very real chance this team will quit on Norv almost entirely. I’ll take the home team here.

Sunday NBC
Bears @ Green Bay(-3)
This makes no sense to me. The Bears are horrible, and the Packers look great. How is this only a field goal?

Cowboys @ Buffalo(+10)
It was awfully nice for the Bills to get a win last week… but it won’t continue. The Cowboys are simply a lot better. More than ten points better.