NFL Week 6

OK, so the bad news is that my fantasy team is in total disarray. The good news is that I went 9-5 last week making me 38-33-5 overall. Al, you went 6-8 last week, putting you at 37-33-6. (Al has more ties than I do because of my foolish use of over/under; I lost that game, Al got a push.)

Too much going on this weekend for me to have lots of commentary. Let’s just say that, as someone who follows the Texans, I’m damn glad that (A) the Dolphins are horrible, and (B) the Texans kicker had it going on. 3 kicks over 50? Nice…

Anyway, picks.

Sunday 1:00
Bengals @ Kansas City(+3)
The Chefs are horrible. I’ll give the field goal.

Texans @ Jacksonville(-7)
Every time I pick against the Texans, they win. I’m picking against them again.

Dolphins @ Cleveland(-4.5)
The Browns aren’t good, but Miami is much, much worse than being merely “not good;” they’re straight-up horrible. Browns cover easily.

Vikings @ Chicago(-5)
The QB problems for the Bears get a lot of ink and air time… but the Vikings QB situation is actually worse. Bears now have some confidence, they’ll rip the Vikings.

Eagles @ New Jersey Meadowlands(+3.5)
The Eagles aren’t very good, but history says

Rams @ Baltimore(-9.5)
I think the Ravens win, but that’s a huge spread. The only way the Ravens cover that is if their defense scores a couple TDs. Oh. Yeah, OK, with Ed Reed they’ll cover.

Titans @ Tampa Bay(-3)
So, the Bucs have looked good up until last week. The Titans also didn’t exactly look great last week. I think the Bucs defense will befuddle Young and they’ll cover this. Intriguing game, though; I’ll probably watch some of this one…

Redskins @ Green Bay(-3)
I don’t have any idea. None. Neither does Vegas, with the default “home team by three” spread. Redskins, I guess.

Sunday, 4:10±5
Panthers @ Arizona(-4.5)
All Cardinals, all the time.

Patriots @ Dallas(+5.5)
I love it when the Cowboys are on the board in a big game. Only 5.5? Really? I’ll gladly give those.

Raiders @ San Diego(-9.5)
This is a sucker bet—that’s too many points.

Sunday NBC
Saints @ Seattle(-6.5)
The Saint can’t go 0-16, can they? Probably not, but I’m not picking them on the road until they win one.

Giants @ Atlanta(+3.5)
The Falcons have been playing better lately, but so have the Giants. I think the G-men will have this one.