NFL Week 13

OK, I’m recovering from surgery so I’ll save the record updates for next week.

Sunday 1:00
Eagles @ Atlanta(+5.5)
Is Ryan better? I don’t know for sure but I hear not. Given that, I don’t think the Falcons have enough, since they certainly don’t have the defense.

Buccaneers @ Carolina(-5)
I’m actually going to take the points here because the Panthers are banged up and the Bucs are playing a little better.

Rams @ Chicago(-9.5)
Stephen Jackson is the #2 runner in the league and the Bears are in a tailspin. I don’t think the Rams win, but I think they can at least be in this game… err, wait. Kyle Boller is still starting for St. Louis. Take Chicago.

Lions @ Cincinnati(-13)
Detroit is horrific, give two TDs no problem.

Titans @ Indianapolis(-6.5)
Toughest game on the board. The Colts have been able to pull it out every time but the Titans are playing good enough football to give the Colts s a real test, but I think the Colts will win in the end. However, will they win by a full TD? I think they’ll win by exactly the seven they need.

Texans @ Jacksonville(+2)
I’ll be astonished if Houston really still has the will after the heartbreak of the last two weeks. I think they’ll just play out the streak and won’t put up much of a fight against the Jags ground attack.

Broncos @ Kansas City(+6)
I think the Broncos have new life after winning convincingly last week and they have something to play for, so I’ll give the points.

Raiders @ Pittsburgh(-14.5)
That’s too many points. The Raiders won’t win this game but the Steelers are just not that good this season.

Saints @ Washington(+9.5)
Give the points. The Saints are on fire and need to keep pace with the Vikings and showed that they have everything they need to blow out good teams, much less bad teams like the Redskins.

Sunday ~4:10
Chargers @ Cleveland(+13.5)
Give the points, the Browns are a train wreck and the Chargers also need this game because the Broncos are back alive.

Cowboys @ New Jersey Giants(+1.5)
As much as I would love to see the Giants win this game, I can’t pick it that way.

Niners @ Seattle(+1)
San Francisco is a better team, but the Seabags are at home where they’re a tougher out. I don’t think it will be enough, though, so I’ll go with the Niners.

Vikings @ Arizona(+3.5)
So, what about Warner? Ach, it doesn’t matter, the Vikings will cover this.

Ravens @ Green Bay(-3.5)
I don’t like this game because it could go either way. The Packers have been getting slightly better outcomes of late despite their offensive line and I’m not sure what’s wrong with the Ravens. This is a big game for both teams, too, with playoff hopes on the line. I like the Ravens to step up, even if it is in Lambeau.