Turkey Day Picks

Patriots @ Detroit(+7)
The Lions have been pretty good against the spread this year and the Pats are only really awesome on the road. On the other hand, the Lions have a history of getting just killed on Thanksgiving, and no Stafford, and the Pats are in a tight divisional race. No chance the Pats lose, but will they cover? I think the spread is just right because I feel a push is likely here. If there’s a stronger force at work here than the Lions being awful on Turkey Day, I don’t know what that is. Pats.

Saints @ Dallas(+4)
Tough game to pick. The Cowboys seem rejuvenated but the Saints are playing well, too. I do think Dallas will keep it close but not quite close enough to cover. I think the Saints want a little payback for last year, so I’ll take them to cover.

Bengals @ New Jersey Jets(-9)
The Jets are a lot better, no doubt about it. However, that’s a lot of points and the Jets really have been keeping it exciting lately. Just to riverside Al, I’ll take the Bungles and the truckload of points. Hopefully the Jets will be looking past this game.

NFL Week 11

I have to admit to a certain lack of enthusiasm about the season at this point…

Sunday 1:00
Bills @ Cincinnati(-5)
Buffalo may have only one win, but they’re great against the spread. They’ll keep it close, so I’ll take the points.

Lions @ Dallas(-6.5)
Look, if the Lions can’t beat the Bills, I don’t see them beating the Cowboys… that is, if the Cowboys actually show up.

Cardinals @ Kansas City(-8)
I don’t know what happened last week in Denver, but you can be sure the Chiefs got read the riot act after that one. Plus, it’s the Cardinals on the road. Give the points.

Texans @ New Jersey Jets(-7)
Unbelievably ugly loss for the Texans last week. I think that broke their will, I don’t think they show up this week.

Browns @ Jacksonville(-2)
Strangely, the Jags have it going on. Nobody will be there to see it, but I think they cover.

Raiders @ Pittsburgh(-7.5)
I don’t think the Raiders will win, but for some reason I’m thinking they keep it to a TD or less.

Ravens @ Carolina(+11.5)
This could get ugly very early on. The Ravens’ defense could probably win by a couple TDs. I’d give 13.5 without batting an eyelash, and I might give as much as 17. Baltimore all the way.

Packers @ Minnesota(+3)
The Vikings are in a tailspin and the Packers will want to stick it to them… and I don’t think the Vikings can stop them.

Redskins @ Tennessee(-7)
They paid how much money to re-sign McNabb? Because he’s putting up such great numbers? I don’t know, though, if a Titans team with no healthy QB should by laying a TD to anyone. I think I’ll take the points.

Sunday ~4:10
Falcons @ St. Louis(+3)
This is an important game for Atlanta, because they need to show they can beat a decent team on the road, and the Rams are a decent team, at least at home. I have absolutely no idea… Rams?

Seahawks @ New Orleans(-12)
Seems like too many points for two horribly inconsistent teams. I’ll take those points.

Colts @ New England(-4)
I don’t like this game one bit. The Colts can’t run the ball at all, and being one-dimensional against the Pats is never good. But what Pats are these? Certainly not the dominating defense of old. However, this is the Colts on the road on grass. I like Brady’s bunch to cover.

Giants @ Philly(-3)
WTF was that last week? The Giants, I mean. Completely didn’t show up at all. I think they’ll show up this week, but I’m not sure that’ll matter. I don’t think Vick will go nuts like last week, and the Eagles’ defense isn’t going to be great against the Giants, but I still like the Eagles to win.

Broncos @ San Diego(-9.5)
It appears to be the second half of the season, meaning the Chargers will almost certainly win, especially at home. But will they win by a lot? Not sure with Gates still being a question mark. Denver has to be pretty confident going in after last week. I say they keep it closer than 10.

NFL Week 10

Sunday 1:00
Lions @ Buffalo(-2)
Hey, how about that, the Bills are favored. I mean, it’s at home against the Lions, but still. Unfortunately, this is a bad matchup for the Bills, who are good against the run but last in the league in giving up… TD passes. I have the Lions here.

Jets @ Cleveland(+3)
Gang Green is living on borrowed time right now, and the Browns are hot. I’ll take the three and hope they can keep it close.

Panthers @ Tampa Bay(-7)
Carolina is in a dead heat with Arizona for that “worst QB situation in the league” award. Bucs cover this.

Bengals @ Indianapolis(-7)
Awesome when the Colts lose. First, it’s just generally great when they lose. Second, it depresses the spread for the next week. Indy at home is a lock here.

Titans @ Miami, pick
Yeah, I don’t think Chad Pennington off the bench is the answer. I like not having to give the points when I pick Tennessee here.

Vikings @ Bears(+1)
Minnesota is imploding badly. Now, the Bears are awful and simply cannot protect Cutler, and the Vikings have a pass rush, but the Vikings are horrific on the road and will find a way to lose this.

Texans @ Jacksonville(-1)
The real culprit in last weeks’ loss to the Chargers was the Texans’ secondary, or lack thereof. However, they sure got a lot of help from the refs; that was the single worst intentional grounding call I’ve ever seen. The tight end was right there! Totally ludicrous, and of course that’s not a reviewable call. Ugly. Anyway, the Texans’ other problem is that Andre is hurt and has been for most of the season. Owen Daniels is still out, Schaub is banged up (though playing)… I just don’t see it. And that’s why I’m picking the Texans, because they seem to go against what I expect.

Sunday ~4:10
Chiefs @ Denver(+1)
The Broncos are awful, but the Chiefs have been pretty bad on the road and are struggling. Look KC to rebound here.

Rams @ San Francisco(-5.5)
I know that the Rams are much better at home and the Niners are playing better, but I still like the Rams here getting almost a TD. I’ll take the points.

Seahawks @ Arizona(-3)
The sad part of this is that some team from this horrible division will get to go to the playoffs. Both of these teams are awful, but I think the Cards are worse, unable to hold a lead against the lowly Vikings. I’ll take the Seabags on the road, but only because they’re getting points.

Cowboys @ New Jersey Giants(-14)
Wow, that’s a truckload of points. Of course, the Giants have been lighting it up lately, and Dallas is a train wreck, which is fantastic—couldn’t happen to a nicer team & owner. This feels like too many points to give in an NFL game, but then this is Jon Kitna on the road. Yeah, OK, give the two TDs. Yikes.

Patriots @ Pittsburgh(-4.5)
The Pats have been doing it this year with smoke and mirrors, whereas I think the Stillers are the real deal, at least on grass. I think they’ll cover this at home.

Eagles @ Washington(+3)
WTF was all that nonsense from Shanahan? I think he’s actually an average coach without Elway, and the Skins have no answer for Vick. Iggles.

NFL Week 9

So, I finally sat down and did results since… uhh, Week 2 was the last update. Oops. Anyway, I’ve been horrible and am now 50-62-4 while Al has been much better at 51-49-4. However, Al didn’t generate picks for Week 4 that I could find anywhere, either on the web site or in email, so I either get to miss a week or punt a week… that 3-12 week seems like a good candidate. So I’m still behind, but not by THAT much…

Sunday 1:00
Jets @ Detroit(+5)
I don’t see the Jets looking like that again against the Lions’ defense. Give the points.

Buccaneers @ Atlanta(-9)
I think the Falcons are better, but not a lot better. Seems like too many, so I’ll take Tampa.

Dolphins @ Baltimore(-5)
For some odd reason, the Dolphins play better on the road. I will take the points.

Patriots @ Cleveland(+4)
The Browns are playing pretty well right now, but New England is on fire right now. Gotta go with Brady’s bunch.

Cardinals @ Minnesota(-7.5)
Is Arizona awful? Yes. But the Vikings are looking at becoming the poster child for “implosion.” Not sure they’re a TD better than anyone right now, so I’ll take the points.

Bears @ Buffalo(+3)
Even though the Bills are 0-7, I think the spread is only 3 because they’ve been keeping it close a lot lately and Chicago has played like total crap. Seems good enough for me, take the points.

Chargers @ Houston(+3)
A brief look at the calendar reveals that it’s the second half of the season, meaning the Chargers are dangerous now. The Texans still can’t stop the pass and just kind of looked a little off against the Colts, plus they have the short week… I don’t like it. I’ll go with San Diego, though I hope I’m wrong.

Saints @ Carolina(+6.5)
Panthers still suck.

Sunday ~4:10
Giants @ Seattle(+7)
Just how well are the G-Men playing these days? Surely a hell of a lot better than the Seabags, right? Give the points.

Colts @ Philadelphia(-3)
Yes, yes, the Indy injury list is long. But (1) the AFC is much better than the NFC, and (2) Manning is the best small-game quarterback maybe ever. This is not a big game, really, so Colts.

Chiefs @ Oakland, pick
Methinks the spread is deflated because KC only barely escaped last week—but the Bills are the gamest winless team in recent memory. I think the Chiefs are OK, and will win this one, even on the road.

Cowboys @ Packers(-7)
Jon Kitna still at QB? Check. Packers have a LB playing out of his mind now? Check. Give the points.

Steelers @ Cincinnati(+5)
The Bengals were supposed to be better, but they can’t run, and the worst thing you can be vs. the Steelers is a one-dimensional passing team. Palmer throws what, three picks? Pittsburgh.

NFL Week 7

Another quick one…

Sunday 1:00
Browns @ New Orleans(-13)
Cleveland is actually game, too many points. Browns.

Jaguars @ Kansas City(-9)
Seems like too many, despite last Monday’s horror show. Jags.

Eagles @ Tennessee(-3)
I like the Iggles here.

Bengals @ Atlanta(-3.5)
Falcons are better than they showed last week; give the points.

Redskins @ Chicago(-3)
Think Cutler can stay upright? Dunno, man… Skins.

Steelers @ Miami(+3)
Dolphins’ offense hasn’t played anyone playing D like this; give the points.

Rams @ Tampa Bay(-3)
St. Louis is better than people thought this year, but not so much away from home. Bucs.

Bills @ Baltimore(-13)
Now rooting for Buffalo to match the Lions 0-16. Probably won’t happen, but adds some interest to their games. Oh, and they get hammered here badly, Ravens run it up on them.

Niners @ Carolina(+3)
Have the Niners righted the ship? Hard to say. Panthers are awful, but I’m still not sold on the Niners going east and playing an early game. Take the points!

Sunday ~4:10
Cardinals @ Seattle(-7)
Uhh… Arizona has no QB, Seabags now have Lynch. Yeah, give the points.

Raiders @ Denver(-7.5)
Oakland showed us how truly awful they really are last week. Again, give the points.

Patriots @ San Diego(-2.5)
Dammit, that spread seems like the wrong direction. WTF do i not know about this game? Isn’t Gates nicked up, and both Naanee and Floyd are banged up, too? How are the Bolts favored here? I have to take these points, but somethings seems very wrong…

Vikings @ Green Bay(-2.5)
Minnesota looked like ass last week (again) and only won because the Cowboys continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Packers want revenge for last year here and I see no reason to think they won’t get it.

Giants @ Dallas(-3)
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Speaking of “wrong team favored,” this baffles me. Do the Cowboys have the talent to cover this? Of course. Have they played well enough to cover this? Not even close. Giants and thanks for the points!

NFL Week 6

Sunday 1:00
Chargers @ St. Louis (+9)
That’s a lot of points. The Rams seem a lot better at home, and the Chargers really haven’t shown any consistency this year. I’ll take the points.

Ravens @ New England (-2.5)
I hate spreads like this, because I think Baltimore is clearly the better team… so why is New England favored? I don’t get it, and it makes me suspicious that people in Vegas know something I don’t. Ah, screw it, I’m taking the Ravens.

Falcons @ Philadelphia (-2)
Man, I hate this one, too. Second game in a row where I think the wrong team is favored. I have no faith in Kolb, so I’ll take the points again.

Browns @ Pittsburgh (-14)
Colt McCoy vs. the most QB-aggressive defense in the league, plus the Steelers will be looking to prove that Big Ben is healthy, and finally, the Steelers hate the Browns. I’d give 20 easily here.

Saints @ Tampa Bay (+4.5)
There is something deeply wrong with the Saints this season. They might win this game, but if they do it’ll be by a couple points at best. They’re reeling, and the Bucs have something going this year, somehow. I’m taking the points!

Seabags @ Chicago (-6.5)
Seattle is not good. On the road, they’re really awful. Bears.

Lions @ New Jersey Giants (-19)
Holy crap that’s a big number. That’s a college football number there; this should be the spread for the Steelers game. I know that the Lions are terrible and the Giants have been on fire lately, but 19? My natural inclination is to just not give that big a number, but again, this suggests Vegas knows something, and I’ve gone against that too many times already. I will <gulp> give the 19. Yow.

Dolphins @ Green Bay (-3)
I have to pick a slight favorite sometime, right? They say Rodgers is supposed to play, so they should be OK, right?

Chiefs @ Houston (-4.5)
The Texans started out on fire, but they’ve played like ass the last three games, even though they didn’t lose them all. (Quality play is not necessary to beat the Raiders, unsurprisingly.) Also, André Johnson is still not 100% and the Chefs have been playing inspired defense. I’ll take the points, again. I will, however, be at the game and actively cheering against my own pick!

Raiders @ San Francisco (-7)
Exactly how many games have the Niners won, much less won by a full TD? This is again one of those spreads that makes me worry that I don’t know something I’m supposed to. Again, against my better judgment, I’ll take the points.

Sunday ~4:10
Jets @ Denver (+3.5)
Rex’s boys are just plain better, and should win this handily.

Cowboys @ Minnesota (-1.5)
Despite what happened in the playoffs last year, this is the kind of game the Dallas franchise wins and the Vikings always lose. Again, I’ll take the points.

Colts @ Washington (+3)
While I will most definitely be rooting for the Skins, I’m picking the Colts. I just don’t see the Colts as a .500 team, and the way to beat the Colts is to run the ball, and the Skins aren’t really a running team, particularly without Portis.

Titans @ Jacksonville (+3)
Not only are both teams 3-2, but they’re both 3-2 against the spread. I haven’t seen much of either team, but my sense is that the Titans are better, if only a little. Just for a change of pace, I’ll give the points.

NFL Week 5

Got to do this quickly and early, as I will be off the grid starting tomorrow morning through Monday night…

Sunday 1:00
Jaguars @ Buffalo, pick
Pick? Really? Well, I’m sure as hell not picking the Bills without getting points, no matter where the game is.

Chiefs @ Indianapolis(-7)

Buccaneers @ Cincinnati(-6.5)
Too many points. Tampa.

Packers @ Washington(+2.5)
Green Bay

Rams @ Detroit(-3)
St. Louis

Bears @ Carolina(-1)
What? I know Chicago wasn’t good last week, but… clearly someone knows something I don’t. Panthers.

Giants @ Houston(-3)
Spread seems spot on. Giants.

Broncos @ Baltimore(-7)

Falcons @ Cleveland(+3)
Browns have been hot against the spread, I’ll take Cleveland.

Sunday ~4:10
Saints @ Arizona(+7)
New Orleans finally gets a big win.

Titans @ Dallas(-7)
I don’t like the Titans right now, but that seems too rich. Tennessee.

Chargers @ Oakland(+6)
San Diego

Eagles @ San Francisco(-3.5)
Wow, Vegas hating on Kolb. Vegas is probably right. Niners.

Vikings @ New Jersey Jets(-4)

NFL Week 4

On the road, so this will be quick. Next week will be the same.

Sunday 1:00
Jets @ Buffalo(+5.5)

Ravens @ Pittsburgh(-2.5)
Baltimore, because this game is a coin flip.

Seahawks @ St. Louis(+1.5)

Niners @ Atlanta(-7)
Falcons. SF is done. Locals here have given up and are completely focussed on the Giants.

Bengals @ Cleveland(+3)

Broncos @ Tennessee(-6.5)

Panthers @ New Orleans(-13.5)
Carolina. Wow, that’s a lot of points. Saints win, but sheesh.

Lions @ Green Bay(-14)
Grr. Packers? I wanted the spread to be ten.

Sunday ~4:10
Texans @ Oakland(+3)

Colts @ Jacksonville(+7)

Redskins @ Philadelphia(-5.5)

Cardinals @ San Diego(-8)

Bears @ New Jersey Giants(-3.5)
Wrong team favored. I’ll take Chicago.

Patriots @ Miami(+1)

NFL Week 2

Look, it doesn’t matter how my picks went or how my fantasy team did, because (a) the Texans won, (b) the Colts lost, and (c) the Cowboys lost. That’s a good week! The Texans game was terrific fun; I’ve never heard Reliant stadium that loud. It was also great to see Manning get knocked around. Yes, he only got officially sacked a couple times, but they got to him a lot more than that. Of course, what was most amazing was the holes that Foster had to run through; the Colts D-line was awful and was completely manhandled. Foster seemed to always get to the second or even third level before anyone made contact. It was quite a thing.

Now, if only the Lions hadn’t gotten jobbed…

Anyway, on to this week’s picks.

Sunday 1:00
Ravens @ Cincinnati(+2.5)
Wow, not even a whole field goal? I’ll give the points.

Dolphins @ Minnesota(-5.5)
Seems like too many points for what could easily be a field goal game.

Bears @ Dallas(-7)
I think Dallas is better than they showed last Sunday and the Bears… aren’t. I’ll give the TD.

Eagles @ Detroit(+6.5)
With Vick starting and Stafford out, I will again give the points. Poor Lions.

Cardinals @ Atlanta(-6.5)
Not sure what to do with this one. I don’t think the Cardinals are very good, but the Falcons sure turned in a stinker last week. I think Atlanta will win this, but that seems like too many points to me.

Chefs @ Cleveland(-2.5)
Dunno, KC played some pretty inspired ball last week. Granted, they did it with smoke and mirrors, but I like getting points here, as I don’t think the Browns should be favored over… well, over anybody other than maybe the Bills.

Bills @ Green Bay(-13)
I’d say that seems like too many, especially with Grant out, but this is the Bills we’re talking about—on the road, no less—but that just seems like too many this early in the season. I think the Bills can actually play a little defense, even if they have no offense at all, so I’m going to take the points. Just too many not to.

Steelers @ Tennessee(-5.5)
Again, this seems like a lot of points in what is usually a close game. However, I still don’t like Dixon, and on the road, I think I have to give these points.

Buccaneers @ Carolina(-3)
Methinks this is a bad, bad game. I have low expectations for both of these teams, and clearly Vegas doesn’t know what to do either with that generic spread. I think Carolina’s defense is a little better, so I’ll give the points? No idea.

Sunday ~4:10
Rams @ Oakland(-3.5)
The Rams are really awful. You simply cannot have a rookie QB throwing that much and expect to win. Outdoors on the road? Yes, I’ll give the points.

Seahawks @ Denver(-3.5)
WTF happened last week in Seattle? I’m baffled. Also didn’t see highlights from Broncos-Jags. Err, were there highlights? Anyway, I don’t see how Denver is favored, so obviously someone knows something I don’t, so I’ll go the other way from what I was thinking and take the Broncos.

Texans @ Washington(+3)
Letdown game for Houston? Man, I hope not. I have to think that the Texans will prevail here, though, because I was really underwhelmed with the Redskins offense. Maybe the Redskins D is indeed pretty good, but I think the good guys will remember to run the ball, and probably won’t try a lateral in the waning seconds of the first half.

Jaguars @ San Diego(-7)
The Chargers looked really out of sync on Monday, didn’t they? They couldn’t run the ball at all and have nobody to throw to except Gates. Yes, Antonio is terrific, but I think they need more weapons than that. I don’t really like the Jags, either, but I’m taking the points and hoping they can keep it close.

Patriots @ New Jersey Jest(+3)
The Jest are going to have to show me some offense before I start picking them. And Rex Ryan better shut his yap until his team actually shows up on both sides of the ball, too.

Giants @ Indianapolis(-5)
There is no way that I’m going to watch this game. Well, maybe with the audio off or something, but I’m sure the network will make this an insufferable slurping of the Mannings. Ugh. I’ll be rooting for little brother here. But am I picking him? Seems like the Giants are a team that should know how to run the ball, and with Sanders still out, I don’t see how the Colts stop them. The Colts DEnds can rush the passer, but they suck against the run. If I’m the Giants’ coordinator, I run, then run, then run some more. What I worry is that the Colts will get ahead and then New Jersey will stop running. I also have a hard time seeing the Colts starting 0-2. Dammit, I have to pick the Colts again.

Saints @ San Francisco(+6)
Not sure about this one, either. The Saints are the obvious choice but let’s not forget that they didn’t exactly light it up against the Vikings. Still, with a couple extra days to rest and prepare, I think the Saints should handle this one. I’m sure it’s been a really bad week for the Niners, as the coaching staff cannot be pleased with them. I think they’ll be better this week, but not enough better to hang with the Saints.

NFL Week 1

I have to atone for the utter beating I took last year. Thursday was not a good start; stupid half-point.

Sunday 1:00
Broncos @ Jacksonville(-2.5)
Two teams that were very average last year, neither of whom I have any reason to think will be any different this year. I think Denver maybe has the better defense, and generally the defenses have the advantage early in the season, so I’ll go with the Broncos and the points.

Raiders @ Tennessee(-6)
I have the sense that Oakland will be better than they were last year, and I don’t see any reason to think that the Titans will be any better. On the other hand, they have Chris Johnson and the Raiders have… uhh… well, they have Raiders players. Oh, wait, no they have a merely average new quarterback, which is several levels better than what they had last year. Sure, again, I’ll take the points

Bengals @ New England(-4.5)
Something just seemed utterly wrong with the Bengals’ doing so well last season. I just can’t believe in them to look so good this year, and the T.O. thing never seems good to me. I’ll take the Pats at home.

Browns @ Tampa Bay(-3)
This has to be the worst game on the schedule for opening weekend. Ugh. For no particular reason, I’ll give the points.

Colts @ Houston((+2)
Looking forward to this one since I’ll be in the stands for it. I think the Texans will be about as good as they were last year, and because they play in a really tough division, it won’t be enough… again. All-time the Texans are 1-7 against the Colts—they just cannot seem to win these games, so I’m giving the two points.

Lions @ Chicago(-6.5)
I think the Bears will be awful again this season. Cutler is a head case, the defense is yet another year older, and I think the Lions will actually be better. Not good or anything, but maybe just kind of below average, like 6-10 or 7-9. I don’t see the Bears as being any better than that, so I like getting almost a full TD here.

Falcons @ Pittsburgh(+1.5)
Not taking a team starting Dixon for the first time ever. I think it’s going to be a long year for the Steelers.

Dolphins @ Buffalo(+3)
Nice of the league to make the “at Buffalo” game for Miami now rather than in, say, November or December. Anyway, it is my belief that C.J. Spiller is the real deal. However, Lee Evans isn’t getting any younger and Trent Edwards is still… Trent Edwards. The Dolphins might actually be pretty good this year with Henne having a year under his belt and with someone decent to throw to. Also, they’ll start the season with both Brown and Williams healthy, right? I’ll happily give these points.

Panthers @ New Jersey Giants(-6.5)
The battle of the Steve Smiths? Actually, I expect this to be an ugly slugfest. The ball might not cross midfield more than a handful of times. However, the Giants have a QB, and the Panthers don’t really. I’ll give the TD, I guess, but I don’t feel good about it.

Sunday 4:15
Packers @ Philadelphia(+3)
Pfffft. The Packers might be the class of the NFC this year, and Kolb has like what, three starts, none of which were particularly impressive. Packers cover by a ton. I’m surprised the spread is this small.

Cardinals @ St. Louis(+3.5)
A terrible game, competing with the Browns-Bucs for worst game of the day. This one at least has the intrigue of two questionable starting QB decisions both taking the field. With Wells hurt for Arizona, I don’t like them as a road favorite, even against the lowly Rams. I’ll take the points.

Niners @ Seattle(+3)
Ahh, the Pete Carroll era begins in the Emerald City. He was a train wreck his last time through the NFL, and now we see the reason he did so well at USC: he was cheating the whole time. (Given the consistently ridiculous level of talent that USC had, I can’t say I’m surprised—I never got the sense that Carroll was actually outcoaching anyone.) The Seabags, however, do not have any kind of edge in talent; they still have Hasselbeck at QB and nobody worth throwing to, so I’ll give the points.

Cowboys @ Washington(+3.5)
Uhh, anybody watch this matchup the last couple years? The Cowboys own the Redskins right now. Plus, it’s early in the season which is when Dallas has been at their best lately. Give the points.

Ravens @ New Jersey Jets(-2.5)
Well, with Revis in, the Jets just seem a lot better than they would have otherwise. On the other hand, the Ravens seem like a team on the rise, particularly with Flacco coming along and now finally actually having someone to throw to—though that might not matter much if none of those guys are ever open. I like the Jets in this game, but just to riverside Al, I’m taking the points and hoping it’s really close.

Chargers @ Kansas City(+4.5)
San Diego just wins this division by default, don’t they? It’s not like the Chefs have the goods to put up much of a fight. Give the points.