In Concert


Release Year1996
ProducersB. Ehrmann, S. Ship, E. Wilbrink
LabelKing Biscuit/BMG
CD Run Time59:49


1Liner 04:11
2Cameras in Paris 04:18
3One Thing Leads to Another 03:36
4I Found You 03:51
5Stand or Fall 04:10
6Going Overboard 03:13
7Some People 03:32
8Reach the Beach 04:53
9The Fool 07:00
10Kingdom Christsake 04:33
11Lost Planes 04:04
12Red Skies 04:41
13Sinking Island 03:53
14Stand or Fall (sound check) 04:04


This is a November 1982 live recording from a King Biscuit concert. The CD was released on February 27th, 1996 and is digitally remixed and mastered--it sounds terrific.

Available at better CD stores and Web-based places like CDConnection and CDNow. You can also get it directly from King Biscuit.

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