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Your Webmaster is Mike "Sunburn" Byrne, who has built these pages as a labor of love, because there weren't any other Fixx pages out there when I started looking. I don't always get to update them when I'd like to, but I do what I can.

I like to hear from other Fixx fans, especially if you have things to suggest or contribute, or just to say hello. If that's you, then please drop me a line. Please do me a favor, though, and read these guidelines before you drop me a line, as handling Fixx-related email is not what I'm paid to do.

  • Please include the word "Fixx" in the subject header of your email so that my mail filter handles it appropriately.
  • Please do not send me email asking for any of the following:
    • To forward something to the band. I am not a member of the band, nor am I the band's message service. I am also not in regular contact with any of the band members. I just run the Web site.
    • What's going on with the mailing list. I don't run the mailing list, and can't find or fix anything that's gone wrong, nor can I sign you up for it.
    • Where to find out-of-print Fixx CDs/albums/tapes. I don't know where to find them, either.
    • Tour information that isn't already on the Web site. If I knew about it, it'd be up there. However, if you know some tour information that isn't up there, then by all means send it ASAP so I can share!
    • Lyrics that aren't on the Web site. If I had them, they'd be up there, really.
    • Release dates for upcoming stuff. Again, if I knew, it would be up there.
    • A fix for anything not on this site. If it's not on, I don't have access to it.
    Have you gotten the theme here? All the information I have is up on the Web site. If it isn't there, I don't have it, so please don't clutter up my mailbox with requests I can't fulfill. Thanks.

OK, after you've got all that down--you have gotten it down, right?--go ahead and send Mike email.

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Contact the Webmaster
Last modified 99.03.23