Release Year1984
ProducerRupert Hine
CD Run Time42:44


1Lose Face 03:27
2Less Cities, More Moving People 03:51
3Sunshine in the Shade 02:26
4Woman on a Train 03:54
5Wish 04:05
6Lost in Battle Overseas 04:15
7Question 03:26
8In Suspense 03:44
9Facing the Wind 03:18
10Are We Ourselves? 02:27
11I Will 03:52
12Phantom Living 03:51


Phantoms is, to the best of my knowledge, out of print. That means you almost certainly won't find anywhere where you can order it new. Your best bet is to try used CD shops and pawn shops, particularly those near college campuses. You might also try a used CD broker on the web, such as GEMM. (The UBL has a nice listing of on-line CD shops.) Other than that, I don't know where you can find one, so please don't send me email asking.

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