About Digital Tapestry

Digital Tapestry is a professional web design firm specializing in website makeovers and redesign for small businesses and individuals. We offer graphic design and basic HTML at a rate of fourteen dollars an hour, with additional services available at slightly higher rates. We do not host web sites, register domain names, or offer internet access.

Digital Tapestry mixes an understanding of aesthetic design, human-computer interface design, and technical knowledge to bring you sites that not only look good but function well. We'll strive to build you a functional, easily navigable, and meaningful site no matter what browser your visitors use or what speed their connection sends data.

Before we build your web site, we will help you articulate your needs; why you have a website, what purpose it serves, and how that purpose can be best realized. The redesign of your site will take place with your constant input and feedback.

Please take a few moments to browse our portfolio.

Why Choose Us

Digital Tapestry offers professional website design and redesign at affordable rates. Most web design firms charge from $20 to $100 per hour- unreasonably high and out of the price range of many small businesses and individuals, especially those simply looking to give their site a facelift.

With Digital Tapestry, you're paying for professional graphic design services, HTML coding and basic JavaScript, which is what you get. With other design firms, you may be paying for more than design services and HTML, such as cgi-scripting, forms processsing, Java, and database management, services for which the staff has been trained but that you're not making use of. If you do business with Digital Tapestry, you'll only pay for what you get, and nothing more. Because we're weaving a better web.

Our Portfolio

Note: Digital Tapestry was founded in the summer of 1997 by Benjamin Byrne after a period of employment with US Internet Corp. As such, many of the following sites bear that company's name and not that of Digital Tapestry's.

Sites that persons involved with Digital Tapestry haved worked on include:

Digital Tapestry