Fixx Fans Settle

Originally from the Fixx FTP site (thanks, Glen), a bit on the state of the band right around the time of Missing Links. Originally posted to the Fixx mailing list in October of 1994.
Hi folks, I've just found an interesting article in the local news paper this Saturday ("Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung", 15. Oct. 1994):
(Hope, my translation isn't too bad)
(by Thomas Hammerl) Fixx fans settle: comeback or leave
Band makes their future dependent on popular resonance

For two years, one of the most interesting rock acts is put on ice. What happens to The Fixx?

"In our heads the band still exists", tells the British man Cy Curnin in his adoptive country New York. "Who closely cooperates for a long time, may see his identity fading in a group constellation. Apart from that, some of us are married and became fathers and didn't want to be on tour continuously." In addition, The Fixx had a manager who was able to motivate them, "but financially it wasn't worth it." Because of decreasing record sales since 1983 the break up followed in 1992. "CC", singer and lyric writer in person, dropped out.

"Twelve months later I remembered the old Fixx days and realized that we hadn't exhausted our potentialities", he reveals. "In addition, our drummer was very involved and carried on working, so that there was material for a continuation in case of my return."

It was Adam Woods who compiled the CD Missing Links. Contents: nine analogue recordings (including the mini hit "Stand Or Fall"), beginning 1978 and entirely produced by Rupert Hine, that haven't been released in this version or not at all. The compilation now has to show if there's still a popular interest in the new beat band with the rough and catchy music and intelligent lyrics.

"If so, maybe we are going to record a new album this winter", Cy Curnin promises, who earns a living as a self-employed hat designer, at present. "I wrote a lot of songs. One is about the fact that many people are afraid, these days, to be consciously living here and now, and who are past-oriented. Another topic is the decline of old values and that one is worried about problems in far away countries, but ignoring how the neighbour tortures his child!"

The fan of Miles Davis and the ambient pop album "Deep Forest" finally adds: "In spite of the lyrical contents I see us going in a quiet direction, musically. Using rage as a vent is something very simple. That's exactly what enough artists are doing. But what comes after the rage and how can one deal with it?"

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