Fixx Internet Resources

The Official Fixx Web Site

The site you are currently viewing is unofficial. The official one is, of course, There you can also sign up for the Fixx Information Service, which will give you email updates about things like new releases and tour dates.

The Fixx Mailing List

Jeff Dinkins maintains a Fixx mailing list. To get on the list, please visit the site and click on "Subscribe."

Fixx Tribute Effort

Yep, folks are working on a Fixx tribute project, and it of course has a Web page. If you're a musician who wants to cover the Fixx, check it out!

Also, you can check out the cover of "Two Different Views" on line.

Fixx Sound File Archive

Yep, MP3's of many of the Fixx tunes. Check it out!

Please note that I do not maintain any of these other sites and am not responsible for their content in any way, nor can I fix links or typos on these pages.

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