Fixx Photos

Big pic
The above awesome picture courtesy of Brian Gowdey. Many thanks!

There are now just too many pictures to put all on one page without it taking forever to load, so from now on, just links to pics.

Our own Muse, Lisa, was kind enough to send these, also from the summer 1998 tour:

New And, from an appearance way back in 1983, also from Lisa:

John Morelli took these terrific digital photos during the summer 1998 tour:

More from the summer 1998 tour, courtesy of Staci Cazenave (thanks!):

From the 1997 Utica, NY show, courtesy of Todd (who's promised to send more):

These three courtesy of Kris:

A bunch more amazing pics, these courtesy Wendy Warren:

Steve maintains a terrific page of Fixx photos he took. The pics that used to be here from that show are now on his page.

Not to be outdone, Doug also maintains an awesome page of Fixx photos he took on the recent tour. A must-see!

There are also some pics of the individual band members on their pages.

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