NFL Week 4

OK, first a standings update. Week 2 I went 6-9-1, Al went 7-8-1. Week 3 I went 8-6-2, Al went 7-5-3. I know, that looks silly that Al has one less tie, but it’s because I just couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to pick the over/under instead of against the spread, and the spread was a push but I got the o/u wrong. Grr. So, total records: I’m 22-21-5 and Al is 24-18-6. That’s a great start, Al.

Random thoughts from Week 3:

* Philly should never, ever, ever, throw back to those unis ever again. They were almost as ugly as the Lions defense!

* The Texans didn’t beat the Colts, but they played them tough and made a game out of it. They’re respectable this year, maybe? Wild.

* I cannot figure out Denver’s problem in the red zone. They’re moving the ball between the 20s, but then look perplexed when they get close. Odd.

* How good is Dallas? How bad are the Bears? I can’t decide which of those is more responsible for that game.

* How much must it suck to be a Mets fan right now? Oh, wait, wrong sport…

Anyway, the picks…

Sunday 1:00
Ravens @ Cleveland(+4.5)
Baltimore isn’t exactly overwhelming, but they’re better than the Browns, right? Right. Are they five points better on the road? I have to think so, I’ll give the points.

Bears @ Detroit(+3)
I’m taking the points. Griese’s not exactly a worldbeater.

Packers @ Vikings(+2)
How is this spread only two? Packers large.

Texans @ Atlanta(+2.5)
It may curse them, but I’m finally going to pick the Texans; the Falcons ache.

Jets @ Buffalo(+3.5)
The Bills will be starting their backup QB; I’m giving the points.

Raiders @ Miami(-4)
You know, I don’t see the Dolphins as being favored against anyone, even at home. Oh, wait, Culpepper is starting, isn’t he? And the Raiders are especially awful on the road. OK, I’ll give the points.

Rams @ Dallas(-13)
No Stephen Jackson means Dallas will play zone all night, and the Rams have no defense. That’s an awful lot of points, but how can Dallas not cruise here? Cowboys.

Sunday, 4:10±5
Seahawks @ San Francisco(+1.5)
Both Gore and Alexander are “probable.” Very helpful. Coin flip game here… uhh, Niners at home, I think.

Bucs @ Carolina(-3)
I keep picking against Tampa and I keep getting hosed. I’m taking the points.

Broncos @ Colts(-9.5)
Something is horribly wrong with Denver, and the Colts have really had their number the last few years. I’ll give these.

Chefs @ San Diego(-12.5)
Too many points, even against the hapless Chefs. The Bolts are bickering and pointing fingers. No team is so talented than Norv can’t screw it up. I’ll take the big bag of points.

Steelers @ Arizona(+6)
Yeah, sure, whatever. Six doesn’t seem like much in this matchup, I’ll gladly pick Pittsburgh here.

Sunday NBC
Eagles @ New Jersey Giants(+3)
Two wildly inconsistent teams. I’m really hoping McNabb is back so I’ll give the points.

Patriots @ Cincinnati(+7.5)
I see no reason to think the Bengals can contain the scoring machine that is the Patriots offense. Give the points.