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Originally from the Fixx FTP site (thanks, Glen), a bit on Missing Links.

The FIXX - "Missing Links" info --
Postcard from CD single "Stand Or Fall"/"Pushing Myself":

Remember the Fixx? Thats right, the respected rock quintet from London, the band built around singer Cy Curnin and guitar wizard Jamie West-Oram, which gave us classic British rock such as "Shuttered room", "Phantoms" and the 2 million selling "Reach The Beach" during the 1980's.

For 14 years now, this band has reliably delivered typically British rock music of the finest quality and of a timeless appeal. Their wide musical range, which continues to this day, and the brilliance with which they combine this stylistic versatility with a sure sense of melody, can be heared on a new album produced by The Fixx over the last few months: "Missing Links" is a very special kind of musical career retrospective, consisting mainly of songs, that haven't made it (at least not in their present form) onto any of the group's studio albums so far (sometimes for quite droll reasons) plus two exciting remixes of the Fixx classics "Stand Or Fall" and "Red Skies".

Whilst these two remixed versions will certainly attract a great number of new listeners via the radio during the next few months, on the strength of the excellence of the music and the witty intelligence of The Fixx's lyrics, comfirmed aficionados of the band will find pleasant surprises on the record, as well as the occasional sense of deja vu -- especially in the case of "I've Been Here Before", which was for many years the opener to The Fixx's live shows.

The most resourceful listener might even realize, that they've even heard the song "Do What You Can" before: some years ago, the band recorded a slightly different version of that composition and "hid" it on one of their regular CD's.

Missing links is a rich bag of musical surprises. At the time of release, rumours of a European tour of the band this Autumn (and even a new studio album in the not too distant future) are going round. And no wonder! "Missing Links" makes you want more of that stuff!


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