Happy Landings

an EP


Release Year1997
ProducerMartin Rex
LabelHit & Run
CD Run Time28:56


1 Two Different Views 5:52
2 Going Without 4:59
3 Happy Landings 5:04
4 Free Man 4:34
5 We Once Held Hands 8:32


This EP actually says "Tracks from the forthcoming album Happy Landings" on it, as the 1998 CD Elemental was originally going to be titled Happy Landings. This EP was first made available to the folks who attended shows on the Fixx's 1997 summer tour and later released publicly.

Anyway, I was told a while back that Martin Rex produced and recorded the original bits, and that subsequently Sadia and Stephen W. Tayler took over the production on the project, so it's not entirely clear who really produced exatly what. The insert lists Martin Rex, so that's what's up there.

U.K. availability!
For those of you in the U.K. who cannot get the U.S. release of the limited edition EP, the Fixx management has set aside some copies for you! Contact them by email at theFIXX@traverse-healy.com or fax to +44 171 351 2677. Stocks are limited and will be distributed first to those who ask first.

Dan Brown played bass on a couple tracks but not the whole disc and has not be touring with the Fixx. The info I got on this is that Dan Brown is doing a lot of work with the London Symphony (tuba, no less) and he feels that's closer to his family. Thanks to Chris and Erik for that tidbit!

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