Thanksgiving Games

Yes, it’s that time of year again, time for turkey-induced slumber. Fortunately the Lions won’t be on TV around the time we’ll be eating—seeing them can really ruin your appetite.

Packers @ Detroit(+11)
I think Stafford is out. I think even if he weren’t I’d give the 11, but now there’s no doubt.

Raiders @ Dallas(-13.5)
Aww, come on, didn’t the Raiders just beat the Bengals? And didn’t the Cowboys just look like crap even though they won? Well, OK, we should be sensitive to more than one week of history… but man, that’s just too many points for me. Gulp. I guess I’m actually picking the Raiders. Yikes.

Giants @ Denver(+7)
That just feels like too many points; should the Giants really be giving seven on the road? Err, well, watch any of the last couple Broncos games and I guess it’s not that hard to see. I hate giving that many points, but I just don’t see how Denver is going to extract themselves from the current death spiral.