NFL Thursday Night Week 11

Dolphins @ Carolina(-3)
Carolina’s been playing a lot better lately and the centerpiece of Miami’s offense is out. That makes it about even, and of course the Panthers are giving three at home, meaning nobody else knows, either. I’m never happy with teams that have just lost their main man, so I’ll give the points.

One thought on “NFL Thursday Night Week 11”

  1. Brown is out, and he’s the centerpiece of the Wildcat. I guess that means White will see a lot more snaps? And don’t look now, but Delhomme hasn’t thrown a pick in 3 games. The Panthers lost their pro-bowl left tackle, but it didn’t seem to bother them against the Falcons. Of course, Miami has the 5th best rush defense. I think it’ll be ok. I’ll give the points.

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