1011 Woodland


Release DateJune 1, 1999
ProducerThe Fixx
CD Run Time0:51:51 (disc 1), 0:35:06 (disc 2)

Disc 1 Tracks

1 Driven Out 6:15
2 Stand or Fall 5:30
3 Woman on a Train 6:35
4 Outside 8:34
5 Secret Separation 5:39
6 Cameras in Paris 5:11
7 Wish 5:59
8 One Jungle 3:32
9 I Will 4:36

Disc 2 Tracks

1 Saved by Zero 5:53
2 Lost Planes 3:25
3 Precious Stone 4:37
4 Still Around 4:56
5 Two Different Views 3:35
6 Red Skies 4:43
7 One Thing Leads to Another 3:23
8 Deeper and Deeper 4:34


CMC Records has made available a Liquid Audio sampler for this disc. To listen to it, you'll need to download the Liquid Audio Player.

1011 is pronounced "Ten Eleven," the title of the album is taken from the address of Woodland Studios in Nashville, where they recorded the album. 1011 Woodland is a virtual acoustic unplugged album, but performed and recorded in the studio. It can be considered a sort of companion piece to Elemental.

With the exception of the final three tracks on Disc 2, which are live tracks from the 1998 tour, the tracks on these discs are re-recordings of Fixx favorites, featuring a lot of acoustic guitar and piano, and very little synthesizer (only "Outside" has synth). Actually, Cy describes it best in the liner notes:

"The reason for making this album was to combine a snapshot of our musical past with the energy generated in 1998, with the release of Elemental. This album rides shotgun with our current state of mind.

It is always pleasant to enter the wine cellar and uncork a couple of 'vintage' bottles and how sweet the surprise to see the 'bouquet' has improved with age. In this era of in's and out's it was reassuring to us, as a band, to see that we could still cry together and feel the relevance of our past still ebbing with today's tide.

We see ourselves as missionaries to the great cause of Life and may its magic steer us into a new dawning of spiritual connection. God knows we need it.

No matter how many units we sell, please feel this effort is unique to each individual and may we all bathe in the Oneness with each breath."

A pretty cool liner note, eh? Joey, one of the band's managers, had this to say about it:

"This is a journey back into the womb, an exploration of the band's past. With hyperdrive, groovy jams; this is ethereal head music."

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