Thursday NFLN

Colts @ Tennessee(+3.5)
Well, the Titans have been simply awful lately, but a big part of that is having no QB. Collins is back, which is sort of like having a QB. The Colts, of course, have been horrific lately, in a way that’s been wonderful to watch. They can’t run, they can’t stop the run, and their passing game has become so predictable Manning is throwing picks left and right. Whee! If Tennessee can take the lead early, I think they can cover this. But if they get behind, they’re dead. As much as I would love to see the Titans walk away with a win here, I think they’ll fall behind and have to throw, and that’ll be it.

One thought on “Thursday NFLN”

  1. I forgot to get my pick in. I would have taken the Colts, too.

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