NFL Week 17

Yikes, just got up…

Sunday 1:00
Buccaneers @ New Orleans(-7.5)

Bungles @ Baltimore(-9.5)

Panthers @ Atlanta(-14.5)
Falcons win, but is that too many points? Nah, the Panthers are awful…

Steelers @ Cleveland(+6)
Not even a full TD? OK, Stillers.

Vikings @ Detroit(-3.5)
Wow, Lions actually favored. However, they have no Calvin Johnson, and AP is supposed to be able to go. I’ll take the points.

Raiders @ Kansas City(-4)
The Chefs have nothing to play for and will rest guys. Take the points.

Bills @ New Jersey Jets(-1.5)
Bills rock against the spread, and Panthers have the #1 pick locked up, so they’ll cover.

Dolphins @ New England(-6)
Pats don’t care, and Miami is great on the road. Take the points.

Sunday 4:00ish
Giants @ Washington(+4)
The boys in blue need a win to have even a shot at the playoffs. They’ll cover.

Cowboys @ Philly(-3)
Why would the Eagles risk Vick or Jackson or really, anybody, in this meaningless game? Cowboys.

Titans @ Indy(-9.5)
The Colts are better, but that seems like too many points. I’ll take a chance and take them.

Bears @ Green Bay(-10.5)
Chicago has nothing to play for, the Packers do. Good enough for me to give the points.

Jaguars @ Houston(-3.5)
Jacksonville has an outside shot at a playoff spot, and the Texans are done. Plus, Andre Johnson is out. Horrific. Take the points.

Chargers @ Denver(+3.5)
Game means nothing to either team, but Denver has been playing like they care, and the Chargers haven’t.

Cardinals @ San Francisco(-6)
Oh! New coach in San Fran! So far this season that’s meant that the team wins. Plus, Arizona is stone-cold awful on the road. I will give the points.

Rams @ Seattle(+3)
Woo hoo! Opening for the worst playoff team—possibly ever—up for grabs. Gotta like the Rams here going against most likely a backup QB.

One thought on “NFL Week 17”

  1. Al’s picks via email:

    Tampa Bay at New Orleans -7.5
    The Bucs are good at beating the spread. I expect they’ll continue to do so. Take the points.

    Cincinnati at Baltimore -9.5
    Cincinnati seems to care even though they’ve had no season the past couple of weeks. Look to them to keep it close. Take the points.

    Carolina at Atlanta -14.5
    The Falcons won’t cover this, even though Carolina is awful. They’re probably still wondering if they’re any good after losing to the Saints.

    Pittsburgh at Cleveland +6
    Again I think the spread is too high. At Cleveland, the Browns will muster a way to

    Minnesota at Detroit -3.5
    Hey, Webb is the answer in Minnesota! I’ll take the Vikings and the points.

    Oakland at Kansas City -4
    I assume KC will rest a bunch of starters. Oakland.

    Buffalo at N.Y. Jets -1.5
    The Jets don’t care…in fact, depending on how things shake out they may *want* to lose to take on KC instead of Indy. So I’ll take the Bills.

    Miami at New England -6
    New England has proven they want to win these games. Patriots. Give the points.

    N.Y. Giants at Washington +4
    For some reason I’ll take a gamble and take the Giants. I know they can score when they want to. It’s just the mistakes…oh god the mistakes. Whatever, give the points.

    Dallas at Philadelphia -3
    Philly has nothing to play for here. Dallas.

    Tennessee at Indianapolis -9.5
    Indy wants to win this, but I just don’t think they have the weapons. Meanwhile, this may be the biggest game of the year for Tennessee. They’ll play hard. I’ll take the points.

    Chicago at Green Bay -10.5
    Green Bay is playing lights out right now. Give the points.

    Jacksonville at Houston -3.5
    I like the Texans. They’ll want to ensure Kubiak keeps his job. Oh, and Garrard is out.

    San Diego at Denver +3.5
    Denver is playing great right now and the Chargers are all boo hoo. Take the points and the Broncos.

    Arizona at San Francisco -6
    The Niners are done and without a coach (although they’re happy he’s gone). I’ll take the points and the Cardinals.

    St. Louis at Seattle +3
    They both need a win. St. Louis is the better team. I’ll give the three points, even though Seattle is at home.

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