NFL Week 7

Quick one, I just got back in town…

Sunday 1:00
Cardinals @ Washington(-8.5)
Wow, that’s a lot of points. I’m not sure the Redskins are really that much better than anybody. I’ll take the points on the assumption that it won’t be a blowout.

Falcons @ New Orleans(-8)
I don’t think Leftwich starting is going to help the Falcons much—they have no O line and he’s a statue. Are the Saints back? They looked like it last week, but I’m not sure yet. OK, I’ll give the eight.

Ravens @ Buffalo(+3)
The Bills can figure out a way to lose any game. I’ll give the field goal.

Patriots @ Miami(+16.5)
Yeah, sure, why not? The Pats second team could probably cover this.

Niners @ New Jersey Giants Stadium(-9)
A team on the way down vs. a team on the way up. I like the Giants to cover this.

Bucs @ Detroit(-2)
Err, no, I really don’t see how the Lions are favored here. I’ll gladly take the points.

Titans @ Houston(+1)
I’m going to keep picking against the Texans until they have Andre Johnson. I guess he’s listed as “doubtful.” We’ll see. I think if Young plays, the Titans win for sure.

Sunday, 4:10±5
Chefs @ Oakland(-3)
KC is resurgent! I’ll take the points.

Jest @ Cincinnati(-6)
As long as Pennington is starting, I’m picking against Gang Green.

Vikings @ Dallas(-9.5)
That’s a truckload of points. I see the Vikings keeping it closer than this.

Bears @ Philadelphia(-5.5)
I don’t see any reason to think that the Eagles are that much better than anybody, including the Bears.

Rams @ Seattle(-8.5)
Bleah. Two awful teams. I guess the Seabags are somewhat less awful. Are they eight and a half points less awful? Well, if the Seattle team which showed up last week against the Saints shows up again, no way. I think the better Seattle team shows up and they cover.

Sunday NBC
Steelers @ Denver(+3.5)
The Broncos are in a death spiral. Three and a half seems like a pittance here.

Colts @ Jacksonville(+3)
The Jags seem to have figured it out the last couple weeks: pound the rock, don’t turn it over. Is that enough to beat the Colts? Harrison and Addai are “probable,” so they’ll probably play but they might not be 100%. I dunno. I think I’ll take the Jags, I guess.