NFL Week 8

OK, first a standings update. I went 6-5-2 in Week 6 and 8-6 in Week 7, for a current record of 52-44-7. Al went 7-4-2 in Week 6 and 8-6 in Week 7, for a current record of 52-43-8. Two observations on that: [1] We rock! That’s actually pretty good for us. [2] I’m going to lose by getting that stupid push wrong, aren’t I? I guess I deserve that.

On to the picks:

Sunday 1:00
Browns @ St. Louis(+3)
Only three? OK, I’ll take Cleveland.

Lions @ Chicago(-5)
I think I’ve figured out the Lions now and this leads me to pick the Bears this week.

Colts @ Carolina(+7)
Look, the Panthers are starting either Carr or Testaverde against one of the top AFC teams. Gimme a break. Indy.

Giants vs. Miami(+9.5) @ London
The Dolphins are hopeless, give the points.

Raiders @ Tennessee(-7.5)
Is Vince playing in this game? He’s listed as “probable,” so I guess that means he’ll most likely play. If he plays, they cover, so I guess I’ll take the Titans.

Eagles @ Minnesota(+1)
I hate the Eagles this year. No matter what I pick, somehow I just know that whatever it is, the Eagles will go the other way. Vikings, I guess.

Steelers @ Cincinnati(+3.5)
Pittsburgh’s poor performance last week is artificially holding down this spread. Works for me, I’ll give the points.

Sunday 4:10±5
Bills @ New Jersey Meadowlands(-3)
I love getting points here. I should believe in the Jest why, again?

Texans @ San Diego(-9)
I cannot imagine that the fires and such haven’t distracted San Diego, but the Texans are still too banged up. I’m not picking them until the big wideout is back for Houston. Bolts.

Jaguars @ Tampa Bay(-3.5)
Being embarrassed by the Colts doesn’t mean you’re bad against a middling NFC team. I guess the Bucs are favored because the Jags are starting a nobody at quarterback. But why should they need to throw anyway? Oh, cuz Jones-Drew is also probably out. Yikes. Bucs, I guess.

Saints @ San Francisco(+2.5)
Hey, just like last week: a team on the way down against a team on the way up. Saints.

Redskins @ New England(-16.5)
You have to think that eventually the Pats will fail to cover one of these big spreads, and the Redskins have been great against the pass. But are the Redskins really better than all the rest of the Pats opponents? Especially when they’re on the road? I say no, the Pats cover.

Packers @ Denver(-3)
Meh, nobody knows anything, damn “home team by a FG” spread. I know nothing, either. My coin says Packers.