NFL Week 14

Time for a standings update and frankly, it’s not pretty. I went 8-8 in weeks 11 and 12 while Al went 10-6 both of those weeks. Then there was last week, where I went 6-10 and Al went 10-6. It’s a merciless beating. Al had a correction some time back and probably should get credit for another game somewhere, but it completely doesn’t matter, I’m now a full 20 games behind with only three weeks left plus playoffs and bowls… I think it’s out of reach. 92-99-1 to 112-79-1. I’m really not doing all that badly overall, just a little below .500, but Al is just on fire this year.

But, for the sake of completeness…

Sunday 1:00
Saints @ Atlanta(+10)
Yeah, I don’t see the Falcons doing much better this week against the Saints than they did the week before against the Eagles.

Lions @ Baltimore(-14)
Man, the Lions’ injury list is… scary. In particular, Stafford is out, and it looks like Suggs might be back for the Ravens. I don’t like giving this many, but without Stafford I can’t see how the Lions will keep up.

Packers @ Chicago(+4)
Spread seems to small, since the Bears aren’t very good and the Packers have really improved of late. I think they’ll be good to cover this.

Seahawks @ Houston(-7)
The whole family is going to this game.You know, the Texans should cover this easily, but really I’m not even sure that they’ll even win. Take the points.

Broncos @ Indianapolis(-7)
I think that Denver has turned it back around and that they’ll make the playoffs… but they still aren’t a good bet on the road against the Colts.

Dolphins @ Jacksonville(-3)
So, the Jags have the better record, but I’ve watched their last couple games and I have no faith in them at all. I’ll take the points.

Bills @ Kansas City(+2)
Man, I have absolutely no idea. OK, so… logic. The Bills can’t stop the run but they’re pretty good against the pass, and the Chefs can’t run, so I guess that gives Buffalo an edge.

Bengals @ Minnesota(-6.5)
Awesome, I love getting almost a full TD here. The Bengals don’t have the offense that the Cardinals do, but they rock on defense and now that the blueprint has been supplied, this game could easily be 10-7.

Panthers @ New England(-13)
OK, so I know the Pats have been awful lately, but the problem they have is that they simply cannot cover people. But the Panthers can’t pass, so…. nope, I still can’t do it. Take the points.

Jets @ Tampa Bay(+3.5)
I keep taking the Bucs because of the points, and I keep getting shafted. No more. Jets.

Sunday ~4:10
Rams @ Tennessee(-13)
Well, the Rams are still awful. Maybe the Titans came back to earth a little last week, but they’re still a lot better than St. Louis. Give the points.

Redskins @ Oakland(+1)
You know… this might even be a game worth watching, but nobody will because everyone outside DC and the Bay Area will get the Chargers and Cowboys. Oh, well. I actually like the Redskins on the road; I think they have the defense to carry the day.

Chargers @ Dallas(-3)
Again, I’m thrilled to get points here. Anybody looked at the Cowboys’ record in December of late? How about the Chargers’ record in December? Yeah.

Eagles @ New Jersey Giants(+1)
So, the Giants are getting better, but the Eagles are kind of on cruise control. I think Philly is just better… I’ll give the point.

Cardinals @ San Francisco(+3.5)
Look out when Arizona gets on a roll. This is starting to look at lot like last year when things started to click for them. The Niners are done.