NFL Week 15

We both took the Colts on Thursday and the Saints on Saturday… oops.

Sunday 1:00
Patriots at Buffalo(+7)
I don’t like the Pats on the road this season. I think they’ll probably win because they really need to, but that’s too many points.

Cardinals @ Detroit(+14)
I think that Arizona does have something to play for: erasing the memory of last week to build momentum for the playoffs. The Lions’ defense can’t stop anything, I like the Cards to light it up.

Browns @ Kansas City(-2)
Cleveland has shown signs of life lately, and I don’t like the idea of the Chefs giving points.

Falcons @ New Jersey Jets(-7)
Atlanta on the road in a game that means nothing to them and everything to the Jets? Give the points.

Texans @ St. Louis(-14)
How bad is the NFC West? I saw the Texans absolutely light up the Seahawks last week; that game was actually way worse than the score. However, the Texans still can’t stop the run, and the Rams will run, and… err, I have to try to catch up somewhere, so I’ll take the points and hope my boys only win by 10.

Dolphins @Tennessee(-5)
Miami needs this game, I’ll take the points.

Sunday ~4:10
Forty-Niners @ Philadelphia(-7.5)
If all you can do is pass, the Niners can defend that. Oh, look, it’s the Eagles. Yeah, take the points.

Raiders @ Denver(-14)
The Raiders lost Gradkowski, who was the source of their looking decent again. Broncos will stomp all over them.

Bengals @ San Diego(-7)
Tough week for Cinci. They don’t really need the game and I’m taking the Bolts all December until they give me reason to go otherwise.

Bears @ Baltimore(-11)
Is Ed Reed back yet? I’m not sure the Ravens are really that good (beating up on the Lions shows nothing) until Reed gets back. On the other hand, Chicago is plain awful. OK, give the points.

Packers @ Pittsburgh(-2)
Wrong team favored! The Packers are much better than Pittsburgh. Gotta love getting points here.

Buccaneers @ Seattle(-6.5)
The Seabags are really, really bad. I can only begin to tell you how awful their offense looked last week in person. But you know what? The Bucs are even worse, and are on the road. I’ll take Seattle.

Vikings @ Carolina(+9)
Now that the Saints have lost, the Vikings need to keep on the pressure to hope for home field. Give the points.

Giants @ Washington(+3)
The Giants have no defense, even the Redskins will be able to move the ball on them. Plus, the Redskins have a real defense. I like getting points here.