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Fixx 2002 Tour

The guys are on tour again this summer, check out the tour information on Pollstar.

item last updated 2002.05.17

New Fixx Material

It appears that the Fixx will be releasing a new disc on Rainman Records this summer. I first heard June 25th, 2002, but I've now heard July 16th.. It is to be called Want That Life and was produced by Martin Rex. Martin graciously posted the track listing, here it is:

1. We Don't Own The World
2. Want That Lfe
3. Prove Yourself
4. Are You Satisfied
5. Touch
6. Long Way Home
7. Brave
8. No Hollywood Ending
9. Straight Round The Bend
10. Roger & Out

item last updated 2002.05.30

Summer 2001 music

Rainman Records has released a live compilation of the Motels, the Fixx, and Berlin recorded on one of the stops on the 2001 tour. It's called Greatest Hits Live and apparently there's some crossing over of band personnel on it. Check it out.

item last updated 2002.05.17

Fixx Reissues!

A whole bunch of Fixx material has been re-issued on CD in the last few months! This includes the often-requested Phantoms and the limited-release Happy Landings, among others. Please check out your favorite CD shop or on-line vendor for the details. (If you don't have a favorite, there's always CDNow.)

Cy Curnin solo track

It appears that Cy has done the title song for the New Prohibition compilation. The site has an MP3 sample of all the tracks, including Cy's!

"One Thing" Video on DVD

MTV is realeasing a DVD called "MTV 20: Pop," and it contains the video for "One Thing Leads to Another." The scheduled release date is July 10, 2001, and the DVD is done in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround. The only place I've been able to find a complete listing of what's on the DVD is at DVD Empire, though it sells for less at CDNow.

2001 Tour Info

The boys had a cool tour in 2001. Here were the details:

Date Venue/Sponsor City Notes
February 2, 2001 Joe's Chicago, IL Reports were very positive
February 3, 2001 Downtown Concert Series Orlando, FL Comments, anyone who saw it?
May 27, 2001 Anderson Sports Center Anderson, SC Anyone see this show?.
June 10th, 2001 Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX Reviews say that The Fixx stole the show. No surprise there.
June 13, 2001 DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston, MI Pollstar claims this is one with Asia, the Motels, and the Outfield. No Berlin?
June 15, 2001 Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls, OH Pollstar claims this is one with Asia, Berlin, the Motels, and the Outfield.
June 16, 2001 Riverbend Festival Chattanooga, TN Fans say this was a good one, with the band playing "Red Skies" outdoors as the sun went down!
June 17, 2001 Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA Pollstar claims this is one with Asia, Berlin, the Motels, and the Outfield.
June 21, 2001 Riverside Park Oshkosh, WI Possibly sold out already; part of a festival that includes Wang Chung.
June 22, 2001 Rockin' at Riverpoints Louisville, KY With the Outfield. I got a report that the Fixx were amazing at this show. I'll quote: "Cy had more charisma, a better voice, and a stronger stage presence than six Bonos put together." Not bad!
June 23, 2001 Heritage Festival Downer's Grove, IL With the Buckinghams and Tom Landa & the Paperboys.
June 24, 2001 Navy Pier Chicago, IL The Fixx are the headliners!
June 25, 2001 Eight Second Saloon Indianapolis, IN Again, the fan reviews were quite enthusiastic.
June 29, 2001 Riverfront Rondezvous Stevens Point, WI FREE show! With Michael McDermott. The Fixx are scheduled to play from 9:30 to 10:45.
July 1, 2001 State Capitol Grounds St. Paul, MN Part of the "Taste of Minnesota" summer event.
July 3, 2001 Club 5 Jacksonville, FL Listed on Ticketmaster, but not on sale yet, apparently.
July 6, 2001 Orbit Boynton Beach, FL Fixx headline, tickets on sale at Ticketmaster.
July 7, 2001 Jannus Landing St. Petersburg, FL Unconfirmed; listed on Pollstar.
July 8, 2001 Tinsley Park, "PointFest" Houston, TX Rescheduled from June 9th. Tickets still available via Ticketmaster.
July 10, 2001 Rita's Little Uptown Wichita, KS Unconfirmed; listed on Pollstar with the Outfield.
July 12, 2001 Juke Joint Springfield, MO Unconfirmed; listed on Pollstar.
July 13, 2001 Rib America Festival St. Louis, MO Rumor has it that this will be a free admission gig. Pretty great if you happen to be near St. Louis...
July 14, 2001 Foxtown City Limits Pittsburg, KS I don't have details, but I've seen discussion on the Fixx mailing list, so I'm pretty sure this is confirmed.
July 15, 2001 Sandia Casino Albuquerque, NM Unconfirmed; listed on Pollstar with Asia, Berlin, the Motels, and the Outfield.
July 20, 2001 The Pound SF San Fancisco, CA Unconfirmed; listed on Pollstar.
July 21, 2001 Universal Amphitheatre Universal City, CA Ticketmaster, not on sale yet. With the Motels, Berlin, Asia, and the Outfield.
July 27, 2001 Westbury Music Fair, "Awesome 80s" Westbury, NY Tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster on May 17th. Also the Motels, Asia, the Outfield.
July 28, 2001 Harbor Center Portsmouth, VA With Berlin, Asia, & the Outfield.
August 1, 2001 Innsbrook Pavilion Richmond, VA No info yet.
September 1, 2001 Taste of Colorado Denver, CO The Fixx headline here.
September 2, 2001 Hanover Park Festival Hanover Park, IL Fixx headline.
September 6, 2001 Irvine Spectrum Irvine, CA Fixx headline, tickets on sale at Ticketmaster.
September 8, 2001 San Diego Street Scene San Diego, CA Fixx headline.I have a report that says this show will be recorded for MP3 broadcast. More details if I get them.
September 21, 2001 Clark County Amphitheater Las Vegas, NV Another Fixx headline.
September 27, 2001 Potawatomi Casino Milwaukee, WI Unconfirmed; listed on Pollstar with the Outfield.
October ? Northern CA All I have is a rumor here. Supposedly there's info at Channel1049 but I couldn't find any. Anyone out there have details?

I will post new information on the tour as it becomes available. There will probably be more as the guys get involved in this traveling 80's fest with Asia, Berlin, etc.

Also, there's been some hinting that there might be some Euro/UK dates in late August, which would definitely be big news since The Fixx haven't toured in Europe for some time.

New Album in the Works

Yep, they've been back in the studio, finishing up new material. Roy Cicala is producing, and they finished recording in January and were supposed to be finishing the mixing in February. The tentitive title for album is Hollywood Ending.

I got a great message from Andy Bee, a presenter on X-CEL FM in East Anglia (in the UK). Rupert Greenall stopped by and a 1-hour special is in the works based on some of the material Rupert brought by. Here are some of Andy's comments on the tracks:

"Hollywood Ending" (title track) "classic" Fixx

"Boots" (Nancy Sinatra) The Fixx's first and I'm told only "cover" interesting dark and moody version!

"Wizard of Wonder" nice driving rhythm and some wonderful guitar from Jamie (my favourite!)

I played "Wizard of Wonder" on my evening show (last night) and the response was excellent, this I'm told by Rupert is an exclusive, first radio station in the UK/World to feature any of the new material, not bad for a little old radio station in the fens of East Anglia hey!

Thanks to Andy for that info--it's great to hear that the new material sounds so good!

I got another update from Andy. The show will air at 9:00pm on Sunday, July 29th on X-Cel FM 107.1 and 107.5, and repeated the following Wednesday at the same time. The songs included in the special are:

I've Been Here Before
Lost Planes
One Thing Leads to Another
Going Without (from happy landings EP)
Hollywood Ending
Red Skies

It should be great--you folks in the UK who can pick up this broadcast are most fortunate!

New Fixx MP3's

The Fixx have released two songs recently on, "Sweet Pandemonium" and "Modern World." Definitely something every Fixx fan should check out! "Sweet Pandemonium" is a bit different--Jamie does the lead vocals. Very wild!

2000 Tour Info

Here's the info from the 2000 tour:

7/15/00The Fish FestivalPort Washington, WI
7/16/00House of BluesChicago, IL
7/18/00Cajun HouseScottsdale, AZ
7/19/00MP3 1-hour live broadcastSan Diego, CA
7/20/00Viejas CasinoSan Diego, CA
7/21/00Sun TheatreAnaheim, CA
7/22/00House of BluesLas Vegas, NV
7/22/00House of BluesLas Vegas, NV
10/16/00 Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
10/19/00 Ventura Theatre Ventura, CA
10/20/00 Schooners Lancaster, CA
10/21/00 Bay Meadows RaceTrack San Mateo, CA
10/22/00 Ballard Firehouse Seattle, WA
10/25/00 Brewbakers N. St. Paul, MN
10/26/00 Mississippi Nights St. Louis, MO
10/27/00 Juke Joint Springfield, MO
10/28/00 Magic Bag Ferndale, MI
11/02/00 The Vanderbuilt Plainview, NY
11/03/00 The Station West Warwick, RI

Remix of "One Thing" Released!

Producer Doug Beck remixed the classic Fixx track "One Thing Leads To Another," and this remix was just released on Jellybean records. It should be available at CDNow and Amazon.

The Fixx back in the studio!

Another way-cool piece of info from Jeff Dinkins:

Hello Fixxtures!

Can't talk for long, my wife's in early labor (baby #2, probably coming today or tomorrow!)

But... I wanted to pass this along before I'm outta here. I talked to Adam yesterday, and wanted to let you all know that The Fixx will be heading into a practice studio shortly and rehearsing for a week or two.

Sorry that can't say anything more! I'll let you draw your own conclusions. (-:

(aren't I a little devil?)

Gotta run...


New Fixx Song Released on MP3!

Here's the news from 3/15/99, a post to the Fixx mailing list from Jeff Dinkins:

The Fixx are immediately releasing a new song titled "Elected". The song features (oooh.. you'll love this....) Mr. Dan K. Brown on Sousaphone!

The song is about politicians and elections, and being re-elected again and again and again (a reference to the chorus). It's a very whimsical and fun song, and is (as Madman said) very topical in the U.S.

Now, as if a new Fixx tune isn't great enough news: check out how it's being released: the band has decided to make this a trial run of releasing new music on the web, and are releasing Elected on for the whole world to hear and download.

For those that don't know, is the premier place to find free music on the web. They have over 250,000 songs available for download right now, and they have over a million visitors every day. They also have song charts for each subgenre (rock, classical, punk, etc) and also have an overall top-40 chart. It probably goes without saying that if the song gets up into the top-40 chart that they could gain some strong visibility from all this. Yes! Finally! (Hmm.. I guess I'm not hiding my excitement very well, am I?).

I'm currently in the process up getting Elected converted to mp3 format and uploaded to, it'll then take them a day or two to approve the song. It's possible that it might be live as early as tomorrow afternoon. I'd guess Friday by the latest.

The URL that they will show up under is:

So, how's that for NEWS!

Cy Curnin solo disc

Some time ago (Feb 9, 2000), there was a hint on Lighthouse, which is the Fixx mailing list, that there would be a Cy Curnin solo album entitled Decompression released sometime in April. April has come and gone and I've gotten no further word on this.

This site has been reporting for some time that Cy Curnin solo project (tentatively titled Mayfly) on the Thoughtscape label was in the works. This project was shelved, and Thoughtscape now appears to be defunct. However, two songs from that working CD appear on a Thoughtscape Sampler CD, which was for sale for a while.

New disc tidbits

Cy made an appearance on the mailing list a while back, and said that he would be producing the next Fixx disc. Furthermore, the band is working with Doug Beck on the new disc, and Doug is apparently re-mixing "One Thing Leads To Another." If/when I ever get info on release dates, they'll appear here. Furthermore, Cy recently appeared on the cover of EQ magazine, and the article within discusses the remix.

1998 Tour Info

The most recent tour was in the summer of 1998, promoting the CD Elemental. (If you don't have this disc yet, you should definitely get it!!) This is all the info I had on that tour:

5.9.98The Backyard / KAMX FestivalAustin, TX This one was aired live on the net by Radio 80's, which is pretty wild.
5.12.98Bridgeview / WLIRIsland Park, LI, NY
5.13.98Avalon / WFNX FestivalBoston, MA The Fixx are part of a festival of 17 bands. Call 617-931-2000 for ticket info.
5.15.98JAXXSpringfield, VA Latest report: Tickets will be $10-15 and will be available only at the door. JAXX is at 6355 Rolling Rd. in Springfield, VA, phone (703) 569-5940.
5.16.98Big KahunaWilmington, DE
5.17.98BuzzFest / Classic Amphitheater / WBZU Richmond, VA
5.20.98The Asylum / WXEG 103.9Dayton, OH Latest report: WXEG's concert info line is (937) 457-4636. This supposedly will tell you that tickets will be $6 and more info about how to get them will be there soon.
5.21.98AIA Riptide Concert Theater or Sandbar & Grill Lexington, KY
5.22.98The BreweryLouisville, KY
5.23.98616 ClubMemphis, TN
5.24.98The American PieAtalanta, GA
6.10.98LifeNew York, NY "Life" is on Bleeker St. and used to be called "The Village Gate." Tickets $15 at the door only. (Thanks, David.)
6.12.98Town Point ParkNorfolk, VA I didn't hear about this one until after the fact, sorry.
6.13.98 Daytona'sPasadena, MD (Baltimore area) Tickets through Ticketmaster at (410) 481-7328, though no Web listing yet. Daytona's number is (410) 255-5533 and their concert line is (410) 255-2132. Doors open at 8:00 pm. (Thanks, Kathy).
6.14.98Bridgeview Yacht ClubIsland Park, LI, NY This is not a misprint, there was a second show...
6.16.98Lee's PalaceToronto, ON (Canada, eh) Ticketmaster Canada has a listing. The charge number is 416-870-8000.
6.17.987th HousePontiac, MI Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 248-645-6666.
6.18.98The OdeonCleveland, OH Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 216-747-1212. This is almost certainly the show I'll go to.
6.20.98Racine HarborFestRacine, WI There is a HarborFest web site with some info.
6.22.98House of BluesChicago, IL Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 312-559-1212.
6.23.98AtlantisKansas City, MO A mailing list report (thanks, John), the phone number I got for Ticket Central is 816-576-7900.
6.24.98The GalaxySt. Louis, MO A mailing list report (thanks, Cathy) says the number for tickets is 314-534-1111, or online through MTix.
6.25.98Milwaukee Summer FestMilwaukee, WI There's RealAudio available for this show. Not just a link, the whole file (pretty cool if you have 10M or so free). Wow!
6.27.98Joe's Big Bam BooLittle Rock, AR
6.28.98Galaxy ClubDallas, TX Ticketmaster has a listing but does not list a charge number.
6.30.98Park PlaceSan Antonio, TX
7.2.98The RockTuscon, AZ
7.5-7.98Gussie L'AmoursHonolulu, HI
7.9.98Cajun HouseScottsdale, AZ Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 602-784-4444.
7.10.98Brick by BrickSan Diego, CA Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 619-220-8497.
7.11.98CrossroadsYuciapa, CA Tickets are on sale now, directly at the venue, which is just north of the Live Oak interchange with I-10. (Thanks, Tim.)
7.14.98Club CapriceRedondo Beach, CA Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 213-480-3232.
7.16.98Hollywood Athletic ClubHollywood, CA Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 213-480-3232.
7.17.98Coach HouseSanta Barbara, CA Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 805-583-8700.
7.18.98Coach HouseSan Juan Capistrano, CA Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 714-740-2000.
7.20.98BrickworksChico, CA Just received from Fixx management, no ticket info yet.
7.22.98The EdgePalo Alto, CA Tickets through BASS tickets at 510-762-BASS. The club's info line is 650-324-EDGE.
7.24.98Outback JacksSpokane, WA Still no ticket info yet--anyone near Spokane?
7.25.98The Aladdin TheaterPortland, OR Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 503-224-4400.
7.26.98Richard's on RichardsVancouver, BC Tickemaster Canada has a listing and a charge number of 604-280-4444. (Thanks to Mike R. for this one.)
7.28.98 Fenix UndergroundSeattle, WA Ticketmaster has a listing and lists a charge number of 206-628-0888.
7.30.98Zephyr ClubSalt Lake City, UT The Zephyr's number is 801-355-2582. Tickets are $10, available at the Zephyr after 8:00 pm or charge by phone through Smith Tix, 800-888-8499. Thanks to Doug for the info.
8.01.98Fiddlers GreenDenver, CO Sponsored by KILO out of Colorado Springs, part of an 80's fest. (Thanks, Dan.)
8.14.98Wellington Corner DepotSherbrooke, Quebec Mike R.'s extensive digging has revealed that this is part of a free festival, the "Rock Sans Frontieres," near the intersection of King Street and Wellington Street South in downtown Sherbrooke. Should be FREE. If you go, thank Mike. :-)
8.15.98City Hall PlazaBoston, MA Part of Riverfest98 sponsored by WXRV (thanks, Kathleen). The performers include Melissa Ferrick, the Fixx, and Big Head Todd and the Monsters.
8.16.98 Stephen TalkhouseAmagansett, NY Tickets listed at $25/30, phone 516-267-3117. (Again, thanks to Mike R.)
9.11.98Street Scene 98San Diego, CA Ticketmaster charge number is 619-280-8497, tickets $27-50 (part of a big festival). Several folks told me about this all around the same time, so thanks to everyone.
9.13.98WXEG's X-Fest Dayton, OH Tickets are a mere $7.50, charge by phone 937-228-2323. (Thanks to Lori and Mike for the info.)

Management news

The Fixx are now represented by Premier Talent NYC and are managed by Go! Management (Joey and Chris) in the U.S. and remain managed by Martin Stainton in the U.K.

Recent Appearances

Cy Curnin recently appeared on the ABC television program Politically Incorrect, and there is a transcript avaialble.

The band also recently appeared in a chat session on America Online. I don't have AOL, so I missed it, but I did get a transcript.

Management News

On Jan 14, 1998, I received this wonderful piece of news from Martin Stainton, the band's manager:


LONDON 1/14/98: Latest news from the Band's management office reveals that TheFIXX signed a recording contract late last week with CMC Records International for a three record deal--thereby securing not only a release for the Happy Landings album but also follow-up recordings as well.

Happy Landings will mark The Fixx's return to center stage following a lengthy period of writing and a few US shows to try out new material last year. The Band are currently finishing up final work on the record and expect release late Spring. An active US touring program is in planning for this summer.

Said Adam Woods: "Fixx fans may feel that a recording deal has taken a long time to come about but the Band felt it better to take the time to get it right. In the meantime we have concentrated on the music--which is why we are all here. We are excited to be back in the marketplace--now we are going to show are fans what we can really do when we get going."

On behalf of all TheFIXX, Adam said: "Thanks to all of you out there--your support and encouragement has been inspirational. Now as they say: 'Take a seat for this coming attraction'."

TheFIXX management said that details of the album and tour are likely to be released next month. In the meantime, TheFixx are hard at work getting the Happy Landings album ready for release.



The Fall 1997 tour ended a while ago. This included:

Date (all 1997)CityVenue
October 24Hallandale, FLButton South
October 25Lake Buena Vista, FLHouse of Blues
October 26Orange Park, FLShades
October 28Ybor City (near Tampa), FLFrankie's Patio
October 29Atlanta, GAVariety Playhouse
October 31Houston, TXCity Streets
November 1Austin, TXBob Popular
November 4Lubbock, TXRoadhouse Ruby's
November 5Dallas, TXBlue Planet
November 6Corpus Christi, TXTom Foolery's
November 7San Antonio, TXWhite Rabbit
November 8Beaumont, TXRocky Octane
November 12Des Moines, IASuper Toad
November 13Omaha, NEShadow
November 14Lincoln, NEGuitars & Cadillacs
Month 15Olathe, KSGuitars & Cadillacs
November 21Nashville, TNMix Factory
November 22Birmingham, ALFive Points Music Hall
November 17, 18, & 19Honolulu, HI

Also, Adam Woods wrote a way cool tour report, which is terrific reading.

Press Release

This press release was recently sent to the Fixx mailing list. New management for the band and some other tibits, definitely worth a read:

Press Release * Press Release * Press Release

New Management Structure For The Fixx - October Start To Second US Tour in '97 And New Record Deal Forecast

The Fixx, the atmospheric British rock band with three No.1, five Top 5 and a dozen Top 10 Billboard Rock Tracks and a lively US touring program, has announced that it has changed its management structure in order to prepare itself for a major new phase in its recording and performing career.

The band's US manager for the last two years, Jeff Neben, is stepping down and being replaced by business manager Martin Stainton, based in London, England, with associate management offices in California. The Fixx continues to be represented in New York by publisher Joey Gmerek at Hit & Run Music, New York attorney William Leibowitz at Leibowitz, Roberts & Ritholz and by agent Buck Williams at the PGA agency, Nashville.

Adam Woods of The Fixx said: "Jeff has held the fort for us over the past few years while we have been largely concentrating on writing new material and developing a style fit for the new millenium. We are grateful for his contribution but are now moving into a higher gear and need a dedicated team that is able to concentrate on developing the band's future."

"Martin Stainton has been a friend of the band for many years and has extensive experience of business management in the music and entertainment industries. Although the band members have always stayed close to our own business progress, as we move forward to new deals and new markets, Martin will be there to help guide our thinking and to work with us in achieveing our potential," said Woods.

Woods confirmed that the success of The Fixx's short July-August '97 tour has led to another short tour in October-November and a long tour next year which may well be extended into Europe. An album deal is apparently also in the offing, although Woods would not confirm details other than to say that the band has an album completed and a follow-up in progress, is talking to interested labels and expects to have a release date early in 1998.


Missing Links

A long time ago (mid 1997), I was told that a U.S. release of Missing Links was also in the works. I suspect this is no longer the case. Regardless, I was originally told that it would most likely not have the same track lineup as the European release, instead being made up of some subset of the following remixed and remastered tracks:

Time In A Glass
Red Skies (extended mix)
Never Mind What You Leave Behind
Ships Are Safe In Harbour
Digging Up The Rock
All About You
I've Been Here Before
Are You There
Venture Out
Do What You Can
Crucified (Rupert Hine mix)

The question is whether this is something that will come up at a later date. Hard to say, but if I hear anything, it will show up here.

Really Old Tour Info

OK, so the summer 1997 tour has been over for some time. Here's where and when it was:

July 10thUtica, NYRainforest Preserve Club
July 11thAmaganset, NYStephen Talkhouse
July 12thPhiladelphia, PAMaui
July 13thProvidence, RIStrand Theatre
July 16thPontiac, MI7th House
July 17thChicago, ILHouse of Blues
July 18thToledo, OHPromenade Park
July 19thCleveland, OHOdeon Concert Club
July 22ndMinneapolis, MNQuest Club
July 24thWaukesha, WIRiverfest
July 25th.Louisville, KYWaterfront
July 26thSt. Louis, MOThe Galaxy Club

There is also a RealAudio broadcast of the Chicago concert available!


Various sources have contributed to these tidbits, including:
  • The band themselves, particularly Cy and Adam.
  • The production team of Sadia and Stephen W. Tayler.
  • Present Fixx manager, Martin Stainton.
  • The previous Fixx manager, Jeff Neben.
  • Timely reports from all you Fixxtures out there!

It has been suggested that more information about all these things would be nice. I agree, and if I had any more information I'd certainly post it here. This is all I know, so if it ain't here I don't have it!

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