Release DateApril 7, 1998
ProducerThe Fixx and Martin Rex
CD Run Time0:42:23


1 Two Different Views 4:12
2 Going Without 4:30
3 Is That It? 3:54
4 Happy Landings 4:22
5 Silent House 4:08
6 Fatal Shore 4:39
7 Ocean Blue 4:51
8 You Know Me 3:51
9 We Once Held Hands 3:56
10 Life's What's Killing Me 3:57


The release date was April 7th, and the disc is starting to appear in listings. CDNow was taking pre-orders for $11.99; I'm not sure what the current price is.

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Two Different Views Elemental

A few places have reviewed this disc (more to come here):

This disc was originally going to be titled Happy Landings but the name was changed late in the process. Some thoughts on the new disc from Adam Woods himself:

"Time flies netheads:

I'm writing this on the eve of Two Different Views [Elemental version] going to Radio as the first single from the album, which will be released on the 7th April. We will start to tour mid May. I'd like to keep you informed of what is happening but I am nervous of clouding the pond with maybes as opposed to clear definites. so here goes:

The five-track CD from last year is 'Happy Landings' as far as the catalogue is concerned. After a year gigging, the material had taken on a new life and different emotions were coming into play. The speculative sessions in Nashville before Christmas proved decisive and by the end of January we had completely different record in terms of content and sound.

The new title is descriptive. It refers to what the album has become. The journey from conception to release can be unpredictable. 'Elemental' IS elemental. How many paintings are called 'Nude' or 'Landscape' or 'Reclining Figure'.... I could go on but I won't bore you.

The point is that 'Happy Landings' was a concept. 'Elemental' is more of snapshot with the smell of gig still on the lip. Those of you who saw the band in 1997 may well have different expectations not shared by those who have only heard the E.P.

Meanwhile, in March we went back to Woodland in Nashville and recorded fourteen songs from The FIXX favourites for a future project......More about that then.

I'm so excited I can't sleep: March 24th, March 24th, March 24th...... stop it! Alright then......April 7th, April 7th, April 7th........


Further info from the original report of the name change and release date: The disc was recorded in London, England and Nashville, TN with mixing done by Steve Churchyard.

Various track names have been metioned before but didn't seem to make the cut for this disc. Some of those names:

  • Modern World
  • Sweet Pandemonium (Imposters remake)
  • Lonely as a Lighthouse
  • Free Man
  • Elected
  • Butterfly
  • Peace Louise

Maybe some or all of those songs will appear on a future disc, who knows?

One last tidbit that I just have to include--I got at mention in the liner notes. Is that cool or what?

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